12 Days of Inkmas: KWZ Walks Over Vistula

On the tenth day of Inkmas (I’m starting to think I didn’t count my days correctly or maybe I should have done Inkmas Advent because I have a ton more inks I could review!), I decided to go to Poland and take a walk with KWZ Walks Over Vistula ($15 for 60ml bottle). The name derives from the Vistula River which runs through southern Poland, through Krakow and Warsaw.

The ink swatches up with a good deal of shading. Its a deeply saturated blue with turquoise undertones and a reddish sheen. Because of the saturation though, when confined to a finer nib, there is less color variation.

In writing, there is more evidence of shading but the Rhodia paper does not show off any sheen. The dry time was a little slower than I expected so I smudged a bit (lefty problems).

KWZ is definitely making efforts to encroach on Oster territory with Walks over Vistula. This ink splashes solidly between Blue Sea and Lake of Fire in the color range. All three are competiviely priced as well.

This is a very saturated color and KWZ inks have been known to stain so be cautious if you are putting this color in a favorite demonstrator or light-colored acrylic pen. Its a lovely color but I would hate to see this ink stain a Pelikan M605 Ghost (AKA Transparent White). I plan to test drive it in my Wing Sun 698 first.


DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Vanness Pens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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