Eye Candy: Baron Fig Squire Experiment

Baron Fig released the Squire Experiment several months ago as part of its quarterly subscription and it sold out almost immediately. What was so amusing was that almost everyone who knows me and my love of green assumed I bought one and/or would love it. However, I must have had my head down for a split second because I completely missed my chance to order one because by the time I got wind of it, they were all gone. So, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for someone selling one online to no avail. Then, my very own Secret Santa mailed me the Experiment!

The Experiment, like the Squire that shipped with the Kickstarter bags (now available as Fig Wine), the colors is very jewel tone and vivid, and the Erlenmeyer Florence (I stand corrected!) flask is nerdy cool!

Secret Santa, you know who you are, and I am eternally grateful for my little mad scientist jewel. Hope your holidays rock.


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  1. Not to out nerd you here but if the flask you are referring to is the one one the pen it is a Florence flask not an erlenmeyer. This is one of those odd facts I remember from high school physics so many many years ago with a simple mnemonic. A flask with curves … like a woman … is a Florence. . Straight tapered sides then by default is an erlenmeyer.

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