12 Days of Inkmas: Robert Oster Sublime

On the fourth day of Inkmas, I just went with my favorite color, nothing SUB about it… Robert Oster Sublime ($17 for 50ml bottle)!

Not only is lime green one of my favorite everyday colors, its one of my favorite holiday decorating colors too. I love to decorate with lime, sugar pink, minty blue and silver for what I lovingly call Fairy Christmas. Faded bottle brush trees, Shiny Brite ornaments, mercury glass and vintage elves are my favorites. So, to me Oster Sublime is a perfectly holiday green.

It’s also the closest I’ve found to the spot-on Well-Appointed Desk lime green. And trust me, I’ve looked. This ink has some nice shading though it does look a bit darker in finer nibs. There’s no sheening, but for me, that’s okay. I just want juicy lime green here.

See? I’ve been looking for a lime green for awhile. This is just  small smattering of the greens in my stash. Some skew more olive-y and some grassier. While Chiku-Rin looks great on the swatch, it tend to write much lighter. Vert Olive is a nice color but J. Herbin inks are notoriously watery and tend to misbehave on a lot of papers. Kobe #43 Gakuen Toshi is a bright summery green like Diamine Meadow and so neither fit my lime criteria, thought they are lovely colors in their own right. Diamine Light Green is close but is a little too green with not enough yellow for me. So, unless something else comes along, Sublime is my best option for lime green.Who knew it was so hard to find the perfect lime?


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