Eye Candy: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Cosmos

Even though I was already the proud owner of a Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Lamé, when I heard about the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos way back in August at the DC Pen Show (Thank you, Squishy Ink and Inkaday! You are both terrible enablers and I love you both for it!) I knew I had to order it.  It was, however, a long wait to get the Purple Cosmos in my hot little hand. It finally arrived last Friday.

I thought I’d share a few photos of the two purple jewels together so that you can see the color and sparkle differences.

The Purple Lamé is on the left above and the Purple Cosmos is on the right The Lamé is a lighter shade of purple with smaller sparkle flecks. Purple Cosmos is a very deep violet color with a much more noticeable sparkle, similar to Pink Love in that regard.

And I can’t let an Eye Candy post go without taking a wicked close up of the Sailor nib. The detail on a Sailor nib, with the twisting vine, anchor and perfect “1911” type is part of what makes Sailor Pro Gear pens so worth their price.

While the Purple Cosmos color was a limited edition, the Pro Gear Slim models are always readily available and special editions are available throughout the year through various retailers.

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