Giveaway: 2018 Jibun Techo 3-in-1 Life Log Diary A5 Slim

Thanks to the kindness of one of our readers, I have a beautiful, unused Kokuyo Jibun Techo 3-in-1 2018 Planner to giveaway. I have done a short review of the Diary portion of the planner in the smaller size when they were first available in the US. This is the full monty with the black cloth hard cover with blue elastic and the Life and Idea books slipped into the front and back pockets. The deluxe version, if you will.

I removed the book from the plastic wrapper just long enough to take photos and then slid it back into its protective plastic so that it is ready and waiting for its new home.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment here and, in the spirit of this generous gift from my anonymous reader, tell me what you’ve done or would like to do to “pay it forward” this holiday.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/FPO only.

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  1. This holiday season I would like to pay it forward by donating my handmade dog collars and leashes to local rescues. I love doing this and every little bit helps. Thank you for the giveaway, Ana. Have a happy holiday!

  2. Thank you, and the Reader for the lovely giveaway.

    I’m planning on going through my unused notebooks and pairing a couple of them with inks and pens for friends to enjoy after Christmas.

  3. I’d like to set up a cafe table outside a mega-bigbox-retail store and offer tea and coffee and treats, gratis, along with a brief moment of calm, to harried shoppers. When they sat down, I’d only ask them to fill out a card with the following:
    I am grateful for ___________

  4. Thank you for the giveaway! I will continue to bake homemade holiday treats for my friends and coworkers

  5. Thank you for this giveaway. I’ve donated books through our local library to be sent to libraries in Texas that were affected by the hurricanes.

    1. Thank you from a retired librarian in Houston. Many of our neighborhood libraries will have to remain closed for more than a year for damage assessment and a decision to repair or replace entire buildings.

  6. It looks like a very interesting product, I would love to have it. I work for our local city prosecutor’s office and for the past five years, we put together a gift donation for the Emerge Domestic Violence center. Employees collect toys, clothing, small appliances, anything that could be of use to victims and their families while they stay at the shelter. I had to stay at such a shelter once and my contribution has been snuggly fleece throws. It helps to have a bit of comfort when you are in such a place.

  7. OOhh, The Jibun Techo is really cool, and I’d love to have this. Thank you for the opportunity!

    We have donated most of our hoard of pocket notebooks and sharpies to a local shop that sells office and art supplies cheaply to teachers and organizations. We also donate clothes and money to local groups that work with homeless and poor people, and I have a monthly recurring donation to a local food pantry. I try to give year round, because people aren’t only hungry at the holidays.

  8. Hello,
    We are teaching our children about the spirit of giving … and not ignoring the Salvation bell ringers. Kids are giving money away to help less fortunate. Fill up those red buckets!

  9. Looks really cool Ana! Thanks for all of your information and sifting through all the planner options out there

  10. Besides the Fairy Hoarmother, there’s been the random acts where ever I can. My kid’s school, life, where and when I can

  11. We collected blankets for the animal shelters in Ventura County and put together care packages to pass out to the homeless in the area

  12. I’ve composed some thank you letters to podcasters whose work makes me happy and my daily train journey a little shorter 🙂

  13. Thank you. We have donated stuffs to local shelters twice a year. I started with my children and it turned out that I learned a lot more from the way kids see the world and neighbor. Thank you and happy holidays.

  14. Thank you for this giveaway! We’ve donated clothing to Goodwill, and plan to donate food to the local food shelter as well.

  15. Thanks for doing the give-away. I have someone in mind to pass this on to who could really use it.

  16. Thank you Ana and the anonymous reader.

    Our family volunteers at Autumn Trails Stable which offers Therapeutic Riding Programs to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

  17. I had a couple of friends ask about getting into fountain pens, so they got surprise packages with a couple ‘beginner’ pens and a ton of samples. I felt so awesome to get the OMG THANK YOU texts. 😀 I’ll be spending some time on Christmas Eve serving dinner to people who wouldn’t otherwise be eating.

  18. Thanks for showing this product. New to me, I think I will have to try one!

    During the holidays I like to donate to toy and food drives as I shop for my family.

  19. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    I am going through the process of becoming a literacy volunteer at my local library.

  20. A big thanks to you, Ana, and this unnamed Reader for this amazing give-away!

    Earlier this month I made a personalized wood burning for my church choir director. She does so much for us and the Alto section wanted to do something to let her know how much we love her and appreciate everything she does.

  21. Thank you for doing this! I’m giving away some of my like-new fountain pens to friends this Christmas.

  22. I am donating money to a family to fly her sons home for the holidays. Have a joyous and wonderful season!!!!

    Be mindful and be grateful….

  23. I will be looking for opportunities to express my gratitude for the small kindnesses that others provide.

  24. At this very moment, I’ve got bread rising for my daughter’s teacher, peppermint bark cooling in the fridge and drop cookies coming later for her class party tomorrow, and another batch of bread ready to start tonight for the next door neighbor (who I’ve also made arrangements with, in case of snow next late next week, to get her to a doctor’s appointment).

  25. Because they helped last December when our house burned, we have become friends with one of the Salvation Army bellringers in our area. All our $1 and change goes into his bucket every time we see him…which is often because he hangs out at our grocery store.

  26. I have been knitting hats to donate for homeless. I get to knit, and hopefully they get to be warmer.

  27. I knitted little Christmas stockings and filled them with treats for all my son’s classmates. We put one on each students desk before school so they would have a surprise when school started for the day. So fun 🙂

  28. Thanks for the giveaway! This season I’d like to pay it forward by doing some volunteer work.

  29. This Christmas I made my usual donations to the Salvation Army, local food bank, and no-kill animal shelter. I also donated gifts to two children through the Angel Tree program. On Christmas Day I will spend two hours volunteering at the animal shelter so the paid employees can take some time off.

  30. I do not have to PIF real things but a nice smile or a good advise can be better sometimes, so that’s s my goal for this year.
    Thanks to the person who share the joy of the hobby with others. I hope that whoever wins, appreciates it as much as the one who pay it forward.

  31. Thanks for organising this giveaway! This year my husband and I started sponsoring the education of a little girl in Bangladesh. For Christmas we sent over a stationery package filled with goodies from Daiso so she and her siblings can go to school equipped with fresh supplies for the new year 🙂

  32. Hope I win 🙂 I pay it forward all throughout the year by giving people new pens to try, and a notebook to use them in, from my stash. It’s fun to watch people’s surprised expressions 🙂

  33. Thanks for the giveaway Ana! I organized a Toys for Tots collection at my office. We collected several carloads of toys to donate to our local chapter. Happy Holidays!!

  34. We had a lot of help from our friends to take care of our baby this past year and would like to pay it forward in 2081!

  35. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! This year I’m hoping to pay it forward by volunteering at my son’s school a little more.

  36. For the holiday season, I’m planning on sending full samples of my ink collection to my friends! I have so many inks I don’t use as often and I want them to find good homes. Thanks Ana for this giveaway!

  37. Really cool thing to do! What I am planning to do in january (when I have more time) is to do a little giveaway in the erasable or rsvp facebook groups. Also in another group I am offering to help anyone starting out as a data scientist (which is my job) with advice and help in learning.

  38. I live in a rural area off a major interstate at the edge of a major metropolitan area. Where I exit on my way home from work, there is a very wide shoulder where, several times a week, long-haul truckers pull off to rest. After passing one rushing home from work last Christmas Eve, I was compelled to drive back to the truck, write a note of good wishes, and left it attached to a cab window. This Advent, I have made it my practice to leave notes for the truckers of thanks and good wishes; I can’t imagine how difficult their job must be this time of year when all I want to do is spend time with my family. I hope that my few words can make things a bit happier for them this time of year.

  39. Ohhh, I love the layout of the datebook. I am tired of being a slave to a datebook/journal thing. I need a book to keep track of me, not one that I have to dress up with ribbons, stickers and banners! Maybe if my son were small again I’d be interested but now, I am a retired engineer who prefers a more streamline journal.
    Thank you for doing the give away. I never win one, but thanks to you for all of your effort in offering them.

  40. I love this… I’m sad I can never entry a giveaway as I live in Europe 🙁
    Have you thought of including us and the winner pays shipping costs?

  41. Last notebook I gave away was for a friend starting his drug rehabilitation. I would see him carrying it around when I would visit and he said he was using it for meeting Notes!

  42. I’m handing out Baron Fig pencils to all the teachers I meet at my son’s school when I pick him up today.

  43. I sent my sister and her son a little something from Field Notes. A Chicago and Haxley pack respectively.

    It’ll be there first foray into a higher level of notebook.

    Hope it sticks.

  44. I’d like to “pay it forward “ this year with extra attentiveness and love towards family , friends, Colleagues .

  45. I’ve had a rough last few months. After 12+ years, I was downsized. Luckily, I landed on my feet and discovered the grass is greener!

    To pay this forward, I would be gracious to the new acquaintances I hope to make in 2018, tell them that life is too short to be caught up in a career, and recognize and enjoy the simple gifts we’re given.

  46. Every Christmas my family picks someone in the area who does not have family and we give them the 12 days of Christmas. On days 1 through 11 we secretly leave small gifts at their door with a card saying “On the first day of Christmas…” to match. On the 12th day we show up and deliver the last gift in person. The kids love it and the people we gift to are always so excited to get the last gift. I am hoping this pays it forward with a tradition my kids will want to carry on!

  47. I will play it forward by providing a Jibun Techo set to a program that supports struggling single moms who are victims of violence and wanting a fresh start so they can realize their self worth.

  48. Lovely giveaway idea! I’m paying it forward by making a donation to teachers for classroom supplies in underserved communities.

  49. In 2018 I’m planning to crochet some blankets for the local Hospice House. I have some appropriate yarn given to me by an elderly lady whose arthritis got too bad for her to continue crocheting.

  50. I have a handful of Platinum Preppies I will probably be giving away, probably a few more that are not meeting my needs.

  51. I love paying it forward all year long. One of my favorites is at Starbucks when I see a policeman, service man, mailman etc in line behind me I will tell the person taking my order to add their beverage to my bill. I especially love to do this when someone holds the door for me too.

  52. First of all, many thanks to you, and the generous reader for this giveaway! This holiday, I enjoyed baking cookies, and giving them to our mail lady, the therapists who help my husband who had a stroke, the staff and members at our fitness center, and the people who always wait on us at our local McDonalds drive-thru, and our Barnes & Noble cafe that we visit regularly.

  53. I volunteer at our local wetlands providing information and education regarding the importance of the preservation of this precious resource.

  54. I gave Field Notes tablets and Blackwing pencils to my staff this year celebrating creativity and organization in 2018:

  55. I always tip more than 20% at the holidays and donate to charities that help children in our neighborhood.

  56. Like AnnEliz, I have been tipping much more than the customary 20% over the past couple of months. Additionally, my family has been leaving random gifts at our neighbors’ doors. 🙂

  57. I am paying it forward this holiday season by donating free extra tutoring time to local high school students who can’t afford private tutors. I can only hope to inspire these kids as much as they’ve inspired me!

  58. I leave a $1 coin in the coin operated trolleys at Aldi for 20 random strangers across two stores in different neighbourhoods

  59. Cutting back on the craziness of the season so I can give of myself rather than frantically purchasing gifts that are not really needed or wanted. Having time to spend with my folks and grown kids – calm, peaceful, joyful.

  60. I have been giving friends pilot MR fountain pens and Midori MD notebooks as just because gifts to encourage them to capture their ideas and the moments of their lives.

  61. My favorite way to pay it forward this time of year is through the giving trees at my wife’s and my employers. This year we helped two people in local shelters and one family who attends the school where my wife teaches by giving them needed items for the holidays.

    Thanks for the chance and best wishes for a great holiday season!

  62. In recent months I’ve found links to people who need written encouragement – strangers, all of them. People who have encountered devastation, tremendous loss, huge health challenges, or the health challenges of a child or spouse with weeks, months or years of caregiving ahead of them if, in fact, the child or spouse survives. I have pen pals that I enjoy, but I’ve been mindful to add these people I don’t know to my list of people to write to. And now I want to continue that into the new year. I cannot say who benefits more, really – me, or my recipient. But it’s become important to me to continue to give of myself in this way.

  63. This year I let my 5 year old have one of my pilot metropolitans to start using for some of her kindergarten work and hope to get some family using some pens this Christmas.

  64. I am paying it forward this year by donating baked goods to multiple bake sales to raise money for the local homeless shelter.

  65. Oh my! Ths is lovely. Next year I plan to pay it forward by spending more time volunteering at my children’s school. And planning art time with my kids!

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