Ink Review: Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue

I have been hoarding this review for ages because Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue ($14 per 55ml bottle) is almost always out of stock. No matter how fast it is restocked, it sells out. If you haven’t seen this ink, what makes it so covetable is that it sheens like crazy, even in the finest of nib. And by sheen, I mean that when it catches the light, the color shifts like taffeta or velvet.

So, the base color is a bright, vivid royal blue but when the light shifts it sheens red/magenta/purple depending on your perspective. Hopefully, the photos above show how the colors shift. And the amazing thing about Nitrogen is that this effect works on a lot of different papers, not just Tomoe River.

I have had Nitrogen in my recently acquired Pelikan M205 Demonstrator Blue since October and its not caused any major issues. Of course, I haven’t tried to clean it out so wish me luck there. I also just got a new dip pen from a Chinese vendor on Ebay (link in the Tools section at the bottom) which shows off the color variation nicely.

I just noticed I totally butchered the spelling of Organics! Don’t judge. I had a cold this weekend and was thinking about orange juice and listening to the Sporkful podcast (which is all about food) so I totally had food on the brain. I recommend the episode with Patti LaBelle and the How Use the Force to Stir Risotto episode but you already know I’m a huge Star Wars nerd.

Even on the Rhodia paper, the sheen is visible. Obviously, the painted lettering is a very vivid example but you can clearly see the color shift.

You can see why its such a favorite. I definitely favor this over Nitrogen over Walden because, as someone said at one o of the pen shows last year, it looks a bit like pond scum. Walden is interesting but in the wrong light or on the wrong paper it can flatten out and look a bit bleh. Nitrogen, though, is four stars of sheening awesome!


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  1. Wow. . . I was wondering what all the fuss was about with this ink — now I see it. I can see it even in your writing sample — some parts look bluish, and others look more purple. Wow!

  2. I love this ink…would probably not recommend in a pen that you use for quick notes; the dry time in my experience is awful. I smear it EVERYTIME. 😀

  3. First and foremost I hope your cold is better. This ink looks really cool but I noticed your comment that seems to anticipate difficult cleaning. Why do you think that and if you’ve already cleaned the pen, how did it go?

    1. Many people have suggested that because the color is very saturated, it’s a bit difficult to clean. And no, I haven’t braved it yet. But soon.

  4. It’s a lovely ink to look at, but I’ve found it hard to use as EDC because it dries so quickly in the nib. Lots of hard starts. Anyone else?

    1. I’m also experiencing a lot of hard starts in a pen that is normally very reliable. But I do love the color and sheen.

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