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This week I have a few posts I forgot to include in previous weeks. You may have already seen these elsewhere but, if not, I wanted to bring them to your attention.

And know that I try to keep Art Supply Posse alive in my own little way with my Art & Art Supply links. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration and enjoy those, please let me know in the comments, okay? Thanks!

Posts that Almost Got Away:




Paper & Notebooks:

Art & Art Supplies:

Other Interesting Stuff:

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  1. YES! Keep the Posse alive! And I know other readers appreciate those links too, because whenever you include a link to my blog, my hit rates soar that day! 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Yes, please to keeping the art supply links coming! I can’t tell you how much I miss the Ana and Heather version of ASP.

  3. Please do keep the art supply links! I enjoy them very much (and also enjoy discovering other links you have found!).

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