Preview: Baron Fig Lock & Key (Squire & Confidant Set)

When it comes to a themed set, after the Back to School Set, I didn’t think Baron Fig could top themselves again so soon. But their latest release, the Lock & Key Squire and Confidant Set ($77)  is a fabulous pairing. The Lock Confidant notebook ($20 if purchased separately) is a deep, forest green, linen cover debossed with a maze pattern with a key design in the center. The ribbon bookmark is a mellow, yellow-gold color.

The endpapers are foil stamped in gold with maze designs and symbols on warm white paper.

Inside is the same warm white stock we’ve grown to love with the popular, light grey dot grid as well.

Key Squire pen ($65 if purchased separately) comes in a matching, deep green tube printed with a decoder for the symbols printed on the endpapers on the Confidant. Should someone take time to solve puzzles in the maze, the fine folks at Baron Fig suggest there may be prizes…!?!?

But the real wow moment is seeing the new Key Squire and holding it your hand. The Key Squire is made of brass and weighs in at  a whopping 50gms! The original Squire pens in aluminum weigh 22gms. That’s a considerable difference!

The etched key is lovely and the metaphor that the pen unlocks possibility and creativity and that the lock is the paper is perfect. Is it time for you to take the first step on your next adventure?

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Baron Fig for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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