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I seem to forget about it every year, but Monday was International Left Hander’s Day. Since 75% of the staff here at The Well-Appointed Desk is left-handed, pretty much everyday is left-handed day here so I think its easy for us to forget about it. Luckily, my pals over at Letter Writers Alliance remembered so there’s a link in Other Interesting Things.

And I’m so happy to be able to share a bit of the exhibition from this year’s Barbara Marshall award winner’s Andy Newcom and Marn Jenson for Wishes for the World, also in Other Interest Things. It is a scholarship fund at Hallmark awarded for a personal creative project and Marn and Andy created one of the most amazing, touching, uplifting bodies of work I have seen in my years at Hallmark. Check out the video interviews and the images, its amazing!




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  1. Any suggestions for a red ink that’s quick to dry? I’m an architect and we regularly mark up drawings with red ink for others to pickup changes. Aside from Noodlers Berning Red (which isn’t produced any longer) I’ve got nothing else that works quite as well for my day to day use.

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