Review: Hermit Shell Pen Case

Hermit Shell Pen Case

I don’t want to speak out of turn but I suspect I am like most pen and pencil collectors in that I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect case, bag, container or pouch in which to carry my favorite tools with me. In the case (pardon the pun) of my daily drawing tools, I wanted something that would lay open or would be easy to access and see my tools and also help to limit exactly how many items I carry with me. The fewer the items, the less likely I am to get hung up on what I’m using and the more likely I am to just draw and not waffle about which tool to use.

When I found the Hard EVA Travel Case for Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Fits up to 40 Slots By Hermitshell ($12.99)  I thought I might have found the perfect case. The exterior of the case is a soft material but the case itself is rigid and zips closed with double zippers (lefty/righty-friendly!)

The case opens flat with a center flap with small elastics to hold slender pens or pencils that can be flipped back and forth to reveal items on the front and back. On the inside of front of the case is an elastic and the lower area has a mesh section to hold smaller items like an eraser, small sharpener, etc. I also keep my felt tip pens and a small water mister in the front. I also throw in a Tile because I have been known to misplace or forget my things (Franz, can attest to this).

Hermit Shell Pen Case

The flip panel contains my favorite red and blue pencils plus two white gel pens on one side and on the reverse are my daily use red mechanical pencils, my Mono Zero eraser and my Platinum Carbon Desk Pen that was trimmed down to fit (shout out to Ian at Pens! Paper! Pencils! for the idea).

Hermit Shell Pen Case

In the back section, there are just two elastics to contain items. I use it for a small selection of Copic markers, a small ruler and some additional colored pencils.

Hermit Shell Pen Case

The kit is compact and sturdy and the hard case limits how much I can carry. Having four red pencils is already more than I need so I can remove a couple and add in a few more watercolor pencils instead to create a more balanced kit. I still have some trouble pulling the pencils out of the elastics and sliding them back in easily if I’m outside. I tend to go back to a simple zipper pouch which is a bit more “hunt and peck” for items but I’m less likely to have pencils rolling down the sidewalk in a zipper case if I’m outside that way. If I’m at our weekly sketch group, the Hermit Shell is a pretty good option though.

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  1. Hi – Many of the reviews for this product on say it arrives carrying a distinct stench and is poorly made, vis a vis, stitching and placement of elastic bands once you actually carry pencils sharpened to a shorter length.

    Are you encountering any of this? Thanks. Mary

    1. I didn’t notice a stench and I’m usually pretty sensitive to that sort of thing. As for shorty pencils, they might need to be strategically placed in the section with the netting rather in the area in the back with the two elastics. I have found that some of the elastics are wider loops than others making them better for round pencils rather than hex pencils and vice versa.

    1. No. The Hermit Shell is not long enough to hold an unsharpened Blackwing unless you angle it in one of the end areas and smoosh the eraser. So, definitely no on the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen without whacking the end off of it.

    1. We use a couple different hashtags on instagram. Try #lunchypaints and #skillsharesocial. Despite putting our artwork on greeting cards everyday of the week, we are actually all a little shy about sharing these quick sketches so there aren’t a lot posted. But you can see some of the ones we are more proud of and click through to each person’s individual accounts to see more of their work.

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