Inkmas Day 4: 3 Oysters Marine Green

12 days of Inkmas

Review by Laura Cameron

When I placed my order for 3 Oysters inks, I knew I had to include a bottle of Marine Green ($18.00). That tealy-green is right up my alley, but also reminds me of blue spruce, which we had one year as our Christmas Tree.

As I said, Marine Green is a tealish, bluish green. In lighter applications it appears very teal, but in darker applications it packs a whole lot of pinky purple sheen.

Now you know I love a good teal, and some sheen. But I kind of thought I had something awfully close to it in my ink stash… and I was right. Organics Studio Walden Pond!

Right down to the pinky, purple sheen right? I will say that I find the Organics Studio a mess every time I use it. When I try and fill my pen there are always flakes that land on the counter, whereas I didn’t have that problem with the 3 Oysters. I love, love, love the color. My only caveat is that the ink drops took 24+ hours to dry – you can see they’re still wet in the photo!

But if teal green is your color, this one is pretty sweet!

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