Inkmas Day 6: Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky

Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky

12 days of Inkmas

Welcome to Day 6 of Inkmas 2018! I just received my Ferris Wheel Press Kickstarter Backer package so I thought this would be a good ink to show today. First, the bottle and packaging.

Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky bottle

Ferris Wheel Press packages their ink in a paperboard tube with lovely graphics and gold foil details. Inside, the bottle is wrapped in a color coordinated drawstring bag. The bottle itself is almost completely spherical with just a small, flat area on the bottom so it doesn’t roll away while filling your pen. The cap is hex-shaped and appears to be made of metal as its quite heavy.

The whole package is lovely but I’m not sure how practical the bottle or the bag is. It will take some time to determine how difficult it will be to get ink out of the bottle when it’s less full — and how difficult it might be to get ink out of the bottom of the bottle without making a complete mess. The metal cap is lovely but not necessary. A gold painted cap made of plastic would probably have been just as effective and considerably less expensive. The weight of the cap also made it a little challenging to screw on and off. If it was misaligned at all, it didn’t thread properly. Its not a huge deal but at upwards of $40CAD (approx. $29US) per bottle, the bottle and ink should be flawless. Each bottle contains 85ml of ink, slightly more than a standard sized bottle of Diamine (80ml per bottle, approx. $16 each) which has a bottle with a wide flat bottom. Sure, the graphics on the Diamine bottle are not nearly as nice as the FWP bottle but I’m not sure a metal cap and fancy packaging are worth an additional $11.

But, I digress…

Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky Col-o-dex

Let’s get into the color. Tanzanite Sky is a deep, velvety blue-violet color. Its so dark and pigment-rich that there’s not a ton of shading. It had no discernible sheen on my Col-o-dex swatch card. The added pigment made the ink feel a little blobby when applied with a flexible dip pen.

Its a very dark blue that leans purple. I wouldn’t call it a blue-black but its a very deep blue.

Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky writing sample

In my writing sample, the ink performed better with a standard fountain pen but using the fine/medium nib of the FWP “The Brush” fountain pen but all shading aspects were lost.

Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky color comparison

When compared to other vivid blues in my collection, Tazanite Sky (third swatch down with the triangle border)  is definitely the darkest without adding black to the ink mixture. Above the Tanzanite Sky swatch in Sailor Nioi-Sumire and below it is Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao. While Nioi-Sumire is a very cool blue shade, its much lighter. And Asa-Goa is a brighter, warmer blue in comparison.

Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky Color Comparison

Krishna Christmas Eve is dark in writing and pooled in places but it writes lighter and has a lot of sheen to it.

Overall, Tanzanite Sky is not a color that stirred my heart. I’m just not a fan of the color. It’s a personal preference thing more than anything. It performs adequately and it is not exactly like a half a dozen inks I already own. However, unless you are searching for a blue-violet with no sheen or shading, this is not an ink color I’d recommend. I received two other bottles from FWP that I have warmer feelings about. Tanzanite Sky just isn’t for me.


DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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