Link Love: After Dark Edition

Sorry that this week’s Link Love will be so late. Due to the Petra winter storm, I will not be back into Kansas City until Thursday. It’s been an 11-day epic road trip (to Little Rock and then all the way to LA and then back to Little Rock and then back home) and Link Love is the one task I needed to postpone.

I’ll be driving from Little Rock to Kansas City on Thursday morning. I am writing this on my phone, on the road, somewhere between Oklahoma City and Little Rock.

I’ll follow it up with an LA Pen show recap.

So, rather than start my laundry, I am thinking of you, dear readers. I do care.

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  1. Luckily the snow from late night (Tuesday) melted a lot on Wednesday because it got above freezing and sunshine for the afternoon.

    So when you get back to the Metro it should be fairly decent traveling.

    I hope the weather lets us have pen club next week.

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