Ink Review: Sailor Studio 462

By Jessica Coles

Lately, Sailor has been flooding the ink scene with new ink choices.  This has been quite a delight to ink collectors although it is also a curse to completionist collectors who just need to have each color.  Sailor Studio inks are available in a standard line of 100 separate inks.  Although each ink is closely related to two or three others, the characteristics of each are wonderfully unique.

Sailor Studio 462 is another of the chameleon inks that I love to find.  The color shifts dramatically based on the details of your writing environment and set up – the nib size, the paper, the lighting and angle of that light.

From the online presentation of 462, I believed that the color would be a dusty teal that leaned slightly towards green. I hoped that it would be dark enough to read in normal writing!

I found my Sailor Studio ink supplier on eBay – one who ships from Japan with free shipping but the shipping time is rather long.  It can take over a month at times.  In my opinion, it is well worth the wait.

For swatch comparisons (all on Col-O-Ring cards), I had to pull colors from the teal section of my cards all the way through forest greens; I still didn’t find an exact match!  When it pools on paper, the ink shows green, blue and purple; as these individual colors combine, various grays, teals, and blurples show up.  This makes a beautiful ink but makes it impossible to describe. The closest I can get in my collection is a dusty version of ColorVerse Pale Blue Dot.

The swatch above (on Birmingham Pen Company Tomoe River notebook paper) has been left as untouched as possible in order to show the color seen during writing.  The various combinations of green, blue, and purple are easy to see here.

The words above have been lightened up slightly to show some of the shading in the writing. At times, the ink color seems to change halfway through a letter. Sailor Studio inks (all that I have used so far) do not feather or bleed (on Tomoe, HP 32 lb or Clairefontaine paper) and the writing does not feel particularly wet or dry. Overall, these are all great inks to write with! I have yet to find one that I would even hesitate to recommend.

If you have tried any other Sailor Studio inks, please let us know in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: The items in this review were all purchased by myself.  Please see the About page for more details.


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  1. I absolutely love this color. You can get this ink on eBay (you probably knew that). Last night I was adding Sailor inks to my cart and dropped this one in. Later I took it out. I think I’ll put it back in.

    Great review. Really cool that you saw all those colors in the ink. I could even see them a little online. Or at least I thought I could. Not sure. Anyway, I like all the strange qualities Sailor inks seem to have. I only have a couple of Sailor Storia inks. Think it’s time to remedy that situation.

    Like I need more ink. Sigh.

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