Link Love: The Pre-Show Show

Tomorrow, I hop a plane to the . Check out The Pen Addict episode from last week to get the lowdown on pen show etiquette and what’s gonna be happening this weekend. Then on Thursday,  I’ll meet up with Jesi and both of us will be a part of the live recording of The Pen Addict Podcast on Saturday.

If you won’t be joining Jesi and me in Atlanta, there’s still plenty of podcast fun to be had. You can listen to this week’s episode of Erasable where Caroline Weaver, Andi Talarico and I hosted the show while the boys lounged around drinking Mai Tais or something. We talked about face masks, eyelash extensions and astrology. It was not your average Erasable episode.

The Well-Appointed Desk is taking over the whole stationery community!




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