Case Review: Kurochiku Accordion Card Case

Review by Tina Koyama

Conventional wallets don’t seem to meet my needs anymore. Like many people, I carry a lot more plastic than paper these days. Most wallet designs still offer plenty of space for cash while being relatively stingy with card slots. I was attracted to the design of the Kurochiku Accordion Card Case for having the opposite: an emphasis on the cards.

Available in eight adorable Japanese patterns, the Kurochiku is made of aluminum alloy on the outside and plastic inside. I took quite a while to make up my mind, but I finally chose the tenjiku botan (dahlia) pattern (it was hard to let the rabbits go, though). Smooth and very lightweight, it evokes a tiny, hard-shell suitcase that seems durable. About 3-by-4 inches, it fits comfortably in the palm of my hand.

Kurochiku Accordion Card Case front view

At less than an inch thick, it would fit easily in any bag pocket without much bulk. The latch at first seemed awkward and difficult to open because I was trying to push against the shallow ridge with a thumbnail. But all it requires is an easy rocking motion with the ball of the thumb. Now it feels like it could open too easily, but so far, it has remained secure.

Kurochiku Accordion Case Side latch

Inside, the “accordion” is thin and flexible. To function well, it needs to be thin, but I’m not sure how durable it is. I like how easy it is to remove and replace cards compared to digging into leather or other slots that are often too tight (but alternatively, if you are accustomed to cards staying secure while you dig, beware that the whole pile could fall out easily if you overturned the case).

Kurochiku case open, empty

Seven (not six, as it says in JetPens’ product description) slots offer generous space for credit and ATM cards, gift cards, coffee punch cards, coupons and other wallet detritus. Maybe even some of the folding kind of money. I don’t show them all in my photo, but since the product information says that the capacity is about 13 cards, I kept stuffing more cards in to see for myself. Twelve plastic cards fit comfortably; the 13th would fit, but when I closed it, the latch felt like it could release inadvertently. Ideal is about 10 cards, with remaining space for folded cash.

Kurochiku Accordion Card Case, open with cards

I’m not sure how long the accordion will last, but otherwise, it’s a cute and practical case that takes care of my plastic (and some paper) money needs well.

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  1. This case is surprisingly sturdy. I’ve used the same version of this card case for over a year now as my EDC wallet and it still looks like new. It fits into any pocket of any of my bags as well as in a front jeans pocket when I’m going minimal. There’s ample room for my cards and the limited space means that a lot of odds and ends don’t collect in my wallet.

    When I bought it, I thought it was RFID blocking, but I see now that the manufacturer says they haven’t tested it for RFID blocking and don’t make any claims as to its blocking ability other than noting that aluminum is a material that may block RFID signals. Still, I’m very happy with my card case!

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