Link Love: Here We Go Again!

This week is a smorgasbord of posts which is a perfect reflection of my week. While I have been simultaneously working at my jobby-job, I have also been packing for the San Francisco Pen Show for the Well-Appointed Desk/Skylab table and staying in contact with Lisa to get everything ready for the Vanness Pen Shop table AND talking with Brad to be sure everything is ready for the podcast recording on Friday night. Plus, I got a last-minute invite to accompany my good friend Andy Welfle (or Erasable and Woodclinched fame) to the RelayFM 5th Anniversary podcast recording on Thursday night.

Then add in coordinating meeting up with Jesi and many of our favorite fellow pen show regulars (both vendors and attendees) and all the various last-minute travel and packing arrangements and my head is spinning.

So, this week we have a plethora of back-to-school links, cat-related (it must be in the air because I could have put about 10 times as many cat-related link but I didn’t. You can thank me later), pen show related (both upcoming and post-show), more Karas Vertex and more. Welcome to the Link Love brain dump!

And, then there’s this little gem:

Desk Reader and Pen Addict Slack Regular, Turbo Dave posted this yesterday.

After my post yesterday about our new Lunar Lander Coaster Set, TurboDave posted this photo with this caption:
Uncle Charlie standing by a little something he worked on at Boeing. I was inspired to post by Ana posting about their coasters (Well-Appointed Desk & Skylab Letterpress).

Pen Show Related:




Notebooks & Paper:

Art & Creativity:

Other Interesting Things:

And it dawned on me that several weeks ago I posted about the David Bowie Barbie… then they announced they are doing a series of Star Wars themed Barbies. I NEED this one, don’t you think?

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  1. 🙂 Not sure about Darth Barbie, she looks a bit Fifty Shades… to me. I’m disappointed they didn’t do a brown hairy one though, they could have called it Chewie-Barbie.

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