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Lunar Landing Pad Coaster Set

I am so excited to share with you more of the products we’ve been creating. We wanted to have them ready so that we could launch them at the San Francisco Pen Show. First, we have a new coaster set which has been in our brains for years but the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing finally launched this project into orbit.

It’s our Lunar Landing Pad Coaster Set — our tribute to all the Apollo Missions (yes, we know the lunar lander was not part of the Apollo 11 mission!). This set features four unique designs (2 of each designs in a pack of 8) for $10.

Lunar Landing Pad Coaster Set

Space Oddity Card Set

Next up is our new Space Oddity card set. As you probably know already, we have always been huge music fans and I am a huge Bowie fan. I was devastated at his passing last year but his legacy and influence will love on. I wanted to honor Bowie’s influence on music, fashion and culture and hope that this 4-card collection is a good start. We took some of his most iconic looks and lyrics and combined them to create messages that we hope will be meaningful to both fans of his music and to folks who just find the images and messages striking and evocative.

(We took creative liberties with titles/lyrics and images. No need to Bowie-splain. Just enjoy the juxtaposition of the awesome incarnations of Bowie. #trollsbetrollin #trollyouprettything)

Bowie was one of the most inventive, gender-bending, creative people of the 20th century and he never let anyone define his boundaries. He was Ziggy Stardust. He was the Man Who Fell to Earth. He was Major Tom. He was the Thin White Duke. And so much more.

Space Oddity Card Set

This set of four 2-color letterpress printed cards ($12) are available with matching envelopes, starting Friday at the San Francisco Pen Show.

Both the coasters and card sets will be available on Etsy and Big Cartel upon our return.



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  1. Um…when you said the lunar “lander” was not part of the Apollo 11 mission, you meant “rover”. It’d been hard to, well, land without the “lander”.

    1. That’s how good they were. They vaulted out of the Command Module ‘like them Duke boys….’

      The LM was just ‘for show’ to meet OSHA requirements.
      You know those Apollo guys were hot dogs. ;).

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