Eye Candy: Col-o-ring OVERSIZE

If you’re like me (you have zero sketching talent but HAD to have a Col-o-ring “Oversize” for your collection) you’ve been wondering what to do with the fabulous large format Col-o-ring!

After seeing a friend’s ink swatch book and discussing it with our fearless leader, I found a purpose for mine!

Pro tip: Don’t spill your cup of water on your workspace!

Happy swatching!

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  1. Laura showed me her oversize Col-o-ring at the Pelikan Hub. It helped me see how I could use this size. I was torn on which size to get, so never got one. But Laura’s pages showed me I can do something similar.

    I like the idea of putting similar colored inks on the same page. Also inks from the same brand could be on a page. Samples could get their own pages, and maybe join similar colors. The options are there.

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