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Link Love

This week, I had a hard time deciding which category to put a lot of these links. There are some in Arts & Creativity that, even if you think you’re not interested in a lot of “those” links might be worth clicking this week like the Eames spinning tops video or the hand-drawn illustrations of the US economy. In Other Interesting Things, a knitter talks about sustainable packaging and, while you might not be a knitter, you probably order products online so some of what she talks about is relevant to so many online products from packing materials to the endless clear plastic bags that every item is wrapped in.

There’s also book, Lego, Louis Vuitton and bees. Links are pretty much all over the place this week.

Then there’s the PenThing Ink Swatch Plot Log… should that be filed in Ink or Paper and Notebooks? In Pencils, there’s a fabulous video on how pencils are made. Who doesn’t love a “how its made” video?

There’s a few reports from Pelikan Hubs around the world too. And it feels like everyone is reveling in the last of summer and preparing for fall and winter. There is planner planning in spades and squirrels taking a moment to enjoy the flowers.

Pelikan Hub Reports:




Notebooks & Paper:

Art & Creativity:

All photographs © Dick van Duijn, Prints available for sale in his shop.

Other Interesting Things:

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