Friday Faves: Ana’s September Faves

Today, we are kicking off a reboot of our Friday Faves. And this time, it’s really our faves. I’m going to kick it off but every couple weeks, one of our staff writers (or maybe a friend of the blog) will provide a list of their current favorite things, both stationery-related and other favorite things.

So, here goes my current faves for the month of September:

Friday Faves: Ana Sept. 2019

I just started reading the third installment of the Dr. Greta Helsing series and I love it. It is a weird and wonderful story about a human doctor who attends to the needs of the supernatural. We’ve been binging Supergirl because I needed something fun and uplifting to watch and Supergirl fits the bill. It’s filled with girl power kick-assery without being saccharine-y. This week, I participated in an embroidery workshop at work where I worked on the Dropcloth Embroidery Sampler so that’s been my analog activity of choice. I’m waiting on yarn to arrive to finally finish the sweater that has been languishing since February. Hopefully, I’ll get to that this weekend.

Snackwise, I still live by Tostito’s Black Bean and Garlic Chips. They are pricey but delicious. And looking to the cooler mornings, I love our Messenger Coffee subscription with a little splash of “cream”.

Getting down to my desk tools, I acquired a beautiful Sailor Pro Gear Slim Graphite Lighthouse with a MF nib recently and has been my constant companion recently along with a lovely minty, green bottle of Bungbox Kaoru. Having met the ink’s namesake, I am more enamored with the color than ever. And after much waffling, I am back in a traveler’s notebook, using the Galen Leather Everyday Book refills while I wait for a couple new notebooks to arrive in the mail.

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