Link Love: Paper Phone? Isn’t that a notebook?

First, this week, we are shamelessly plugging Jesi’s sister and her nieces Kickstarter project. Because we all need a chance to scare away bad dreams and make our dreams of entrepreneurship a reality. Nobody tell Emma and her little sister what a drag order fulfillment and logistics can be, okay? Of course, she’s going to be the only kid in school who can actually use logistics in a sentence.

Kickstarter Zero the Dream Hero

And then there’s this:

While I appreciate that even Google recognizes that we all spend too much time checking our phones for input and scrolling endlessly through updates on Instagram, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter… a paper phone? Isn’t that just a notebook? C’mon!



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  1. Thank you so much for promoting our Kickstarter! We’re making sure the girls know exactly how painful order fulfillment and logistics can be. No way we’re doing all the work! Anyways, we need them to support us when we’re old. Thanks for helping Emma do her part 😉

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