Notebook Review: Revisiting the Catherine Pooler Canvo Journal

Review by Laura Cameron

Back in February I picked up and reviewed a Catherine Pooler Canvo Journal after seeing one at a trade show I attended. For several months after that review, it sat quietly in my desk drawer waiting for a purpose. Then a few months ago I decided I had the perfect use for it!

I’m a handspinner, meaning that in addition to knitting, I turn wool into yarn using a spinning wheel. Since I started spinning in 2010, I’ve been using a small unlined, recycled-paper notebook I purchased from Papyrus probably 15-20 years ago. The journal is almost full, which is why I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. I have used the notebook to record the details of my spins: dates, weights, measurements, types of fiber, and who the dyers are. But my efforts have been slapdash and messy, and I frequently have tags or other items that I stuff in the back of the notebook (no pockets) making it kind of a mess!



Enter the Canvo Journal. I got the idea that I could turn the Canvo Journal into a sort of scrapbook for spinning. I could use my fun sheepy washi tape to add labels into the book, and try and record the spinning details in a more complete, neater fashion.

One slight crimp in my plan has been that the pages in the Canvo journal are coated, and the washi tape doesn’t want to stick, but otherwise I’ve been very pleased with the results.      

I’ve also found a favorite pen for recording my spinning adventures – the Pilot Juice 0.5 in Coral Pink!

While not the intended use for the journal, I’m enjoying making it work for me!


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  1. Crimp in your plan, haha, I see what you did there…
    This is a good idea as I often look at a bag of spun skeins and think, I have no idea how many yards are here… at least I should be logging that. What the fiber is, where it came from, how many ounces and yards. I don’t want this floating in a bullet journal so this would be a great use for one of the teeny Write notebooks I got at the Pelikan Hub.

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