Ink Review: Sailor Studio 670

Sailor Studio 670

Great news! Now everyone who hates using a phone to order Sailor Studio inks is now free to order the same inks online! No more talking to people or refraining from a purchase because you have lost your voice. This also helps the middle of the night ink cravings – no need to wait until morning. Night owls rejoice.

11/8/19 UPDATE: I have just been informed by Dromgoole’s that they are offering free shipping at $35 until the end of the year! Two bottles of Sailor Studio qualify for this free shipping.

Sailor Studio 670

My newest Sailor Studio ink is 670. My usual choices in Sailor Studio lines are in the 100, 200, or 300 inks – the lighter, almost pastel inks. I’ve strayed up to a 400 series ink, but that was a bit unusual and outside of my confort zone. But 400 series inks are quite beautiful as well! So I decided to push my comfort zone to the max and select an ink from the 600 series. Scary.

From the outside of the bottle, Sailor Studio looks like a vibrant yellow with green thoughts.

Sailor Studio 670

But these hints can be misleading.

Sailor Studio 670

Once opened, the ink looks quite yellow, less green even than the lable. In larger pools, it can look brown. But this is not how the ink looks on swatch cards. The color here, especially in writing, is a green tinged by yellow and can shade into a greenish-brown.

Sailor Studio 670

SailorStudio670 swatch comparison

In writing, Sailor Studio 670 is close to Platinum Classic Citrus Black.

Sailor Studio 670 writing sample

When I first swabbed Sailor Studio 670, I was struck by the color. It is pickle juice. Not ordinary pickle juice, either. It is the exact color of the pickle juice in the jars of sweet pickles that my grandmother used to serve during Christmas each year when the entire extended family would get together and stay for the week at her house. Nearly 20 people packed into a house. For a week. With this many people, the pickles were store brand and had juice colored almost a neon yellow-green.

As unappetizing as those pickles sound now that I’m an adult (they were wonderful when I was about 8), Sailor Studio 670 is actually quite nice to use in writing. The shading is pleasant with colors from light pickle juice to a seaweed green.

Sailor Studio 670 vs Sailor Studio 370

Another Sailor Studio ink that I have reviewed, Sailor Studio 370, lacks the strong yellow component found in Sailor Studio 670.

Sailor Studio 670 vs Sailor Studio 370

In writing, the colors of Sailor Studio strongly depend on lighting. Bright light brings out the yellow while lower light shows the ink as closer to green. Below are the same “Pickle Juice” words in different lighting.


Sailor Studio 670

In large swatches, Sailor Studio 670 shows more tones of green with brown haloing. Even a small bit of silver sheen.

Sailor Studio 670 swatch

I’m enjoying this ink – it is a perfect match for my Pelikan Honey and White Tortoise Shell pen, even with an extra-fine nib. I wouldn’t choose 670 as my only ink, but in combination with other colors, I love the contrast this adds to my journal.

Remember, the main barrier of ordering Sailor Studio inks has now been removed. Head to Dromgoole’s site now to order online!


  • Paper: Musubi Tomoe River Refill ($30-35 USD)
  • Pen: Pelikan Honey and White Tortoise Shell M400, EF nib
  • Ink:  Sailor Studio 670 (aka Pickle Juice) ($18 for 20mL)
  • Swatch Cards: Col-o-ring ink testing cards ($10 for 100 card pack)

DISCLAIMER: The ink included in this review was provided for free by Dromgoole’s for the purpose of review; all other materials were purchased by me. Please see the About page for more details.

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