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Truly, I considered doing a post without a single mention of the viral infection that has left us all quarantined in our homes but I just couldn’t. So, I put most of the posts in their own section this week. That way, if you are sick to tears of all the gloom-and-doom, you can just skip that section altogether. However, I did my best to include more uplifting links throughout this week’s Link Love, even in the Coronavirus-related section. My hope is that we can all join together, separately — the mating call of introverts everywhere.

Pen-and-paper enthusiasts are probably the best suited for this sort of self-isolation. We have our notebooks, pens and inks and probably a stack of books, films and series we’ve been dying to start. I know I have unfinished knitting and sewing projects, an assortment of 30 Days of (fill in the blank) projects I’ve either started or wanted to do and a pile of cookbooks with recipes I’ve been wanting to try for ages.

As for entertaining the younger folks, online craft videos, cooking and other projects can keep them entertained. Drawing on paper grocery bags to create maps, costumes or stories might be a great way to spend an afternoon.

Don’t forget to include a little fitness into your quarantine. There are tons of videos on YouTube from yoga, pilates and other fitness gurus especially designed to do in the comfort of your own home. Going for a walk, pulling weeds in your garden or a bike ride can be your new gym regime for the foreseeable future.

I know we are all stressed about the future, our health (and the health of our families) and when the next pen show might occur. Until then, let’s host our own virtual pens shows, complete with workshops and classes, history lessons and the like.

We will continue to post reviews and ideas here to keep you all inspired.




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  1. Texting with a friend, she asked if I would be bored stuck at home. I texted back absolutely not! I have two shelves of unread books, three felt applique craft kits, a shelf of blank notebooks and a drawer of bottled ink, all my drawing pencils and colored pencils and gouache and ephemera for collages. She thought I was kidding so I sent pictures. 🙂

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