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Welcome Home

I drove to Baltimore with Lisa Vanness from Vanness Pen Shop and then we drove back to Little Rock and I drove on to Kansas City. It took a total of about 25 hours each way for me and I got home last night around 9pm. I collapsed in bed pretty much the moment I got home. So, it wasn’t until this morning that I saw this lovely message left on the chalkboard inside our front door from Bob. The Baltimore Pen Show (BWI Pen Show) was very busy for me, despite it being the first time I have attended. I was asked to participate in the live Erasable Podcast recording on Friday night, I hosted a Meet the Makers: Paper Panel (the first few minutes sound is dodgy until the hotel staff brought in some microphones for us) and then I acted as a judge/Vanna to Brad’s Pat Sajak in the first-ever Pen Show Jeopardy Game Show. I also helped Lisa with her ink emporium.We were directly across from Kenro Industries, The Gentleman Stationer and Nock Co. so I felt surrounded by friends.

We were showered with gifts from friends including Berger’s Cookies, Zeke’s Coffee (Jesi ran away with that!) and Unreal peanut butter cups and chocolate gems (AKA vegan M&Ms).

We made new friends like Rachel from Sailor and Anna who coined my new favorite nickname for Bryce at Luxury Brands.

Baltimore was a new show for me but it was filled with all the things I love about a pen show: pens, ink, friends and laughs.




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  1. I’m glad they gave you Berger cookies, it wouldn’t be a proper welcome to Baltimore without them!

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