Ink Overview: Standard Bindery Inks

By Jessica Coles

Standard Bindery Store in Australia has introduced a new lineup of original ink colors; these inks are now available at Vanness Pens! Due to feedback from my previous ink overview posts, I am laying out the entire lineup of 6 Standard Bindery inks.

I purchased my ink samples from Vanness Pens – samples of Road Trip, Clear Seas, Stargaze, Old Friend, Canyon Walk, and Luna Tone. As a side note, have you ever noticed that Vanness ink sample labels come in the color of the ink? I love that little detail.

I have to say that this is a very original layout of colors – not your standard ink color from Standard Bindery.

The first ink in the lineup is Road Trip – a yellowish-green that is very legible and has great shading.

Road Trip is a bit darker than Bungubox Sunlight Raindrops but is in the same region of color.

Luna Tone is a dark blue-black that has a subtle reddish-black sheen. I accidentally tested the water resistance – it isn’t. However, you can see that the writing is still legible after the water dried and the color spread in the water is beautiful.

Luna Tone has a strong purple undertone, close to Penbbs 524 and ColorVerse Proxima B

As I first swatched Old Friend, I was a bit disappointed – it is the one purple in the group. But as I wrote with this ink, just a touch of shading started to show. A faint sheen showed up and I started to love the ink.

Callifolio Bourgogne is the closest to Old Friend and I believe the two will look even more alike when writing with a fine nib.

Standard Bindery Stargaze also surprised me. When wet, Stargaze is nearly black, or a very dark grey. However, the ink dries to a greenish-grey that shows a bit of shading and a faint dark halo.

Stargaze is close to both KWZ Midnight Green and 3 Oysters Giwa – a group that I would classify as green-black and quite appropriate for work writing.

I predict that Clear Seas is going to be the most popular in the Standard Bindery line. It is a bright, cheerful teal-turquoise that leans towards green.  The writing is haloed by a darker teal or green and letters can appear as light turquoise or dark teal.

Clear Seas matches Kobe #13 Emerald closely but behaves like ColorVerse Photon. If you missed out on Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer, grab a bottle of Clear Seas!

Canyon Walk is my favorite color of the bunch. It is a rusty reddish-orange that likes to shade a bit, has a halo around letters and the halo in the swatch (not apparent in this photo, but definitely there) shines a dark brown.

Canyon Walk is close to another hard-to-find Papier Plume ink, 011 which was created to go along with the TV show Stranger Things and designed to look a bit like dried blood. In writing, it reminds me strongly of Monteverde Copper Noir.

Standard Bindery inks were average when it came to cleanup time and wrote a touch on the wet side for me. They are not water-resistant, dried quickly (15 seconds or less), and did not smear once dry. At a price of $21.95 for 60mL of ink, they are a great price per mL. Vanness Pens quickly sold out of Clear Seas, but they will be restocked – you can sign up for a reminder on their website (I will be getting a bottle of it myself!). I am glad that a new ink line has come out with such unusual colors!

Disclaimer: The items in this post were provided at a discount for the purposes of this review. See our About page for more information.

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  1. It looks like I’m not the only person who numbers her ink cards to keep them in order, and goes to decimal points when adding in new ones! lol! Great post!

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