Giveaway: Leonardo Momento Zero

Review by Laura Cameron

It’s my 42nd birthday (I’m the answer to life, the universe and EVERYTHING!) and we’ve got a gift for you!

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Leonardo Momento Zero in Green Blue with a Fine nib. Thanks to Appelboom for providing this pen to us! The pen is very gently used for the review, but otherwise in like-new condition!

So you know the drill and may the odds be ever in your favor!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what color ink you’d put in your new pen!  Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Appelboom for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I’d use a dark green, and use this pen specifically to take notes in my art history classes

  2. I’ve been envying everyone’s sepia inks lately. I’d love to get my own especially in a new fountain pen!

  3. To match it’ll be Sailor 162 or if I’m feeling spicy, Taccia Ebi to contrast the pens beautiful color.

  4. It’s a nice color of a pen for a teal ink. I’ve been playing around with blending my own, so it’s worth the experiment.

  5. Hmmm, Colorverse Gravity Wave seems like a good fit for the pen. I think Edelstein Star Ruby would be a nice contrasting color. If I wanted to drive people crazy, I’d fill it with Diamine Gold Star just to clash with the silver furniture!

  6. What a beautiful pen!! I’m big into blue and teal ink… Probably would try out Diamine Aurora Borralis first!

  7. I really enjoy Leonardo pen! I would ink it with Diamine Sherwood Green

  8. My favourite currently is Montblanc Maya Blue, which is a greenish blue.

  9. I would use Monteverde emerald green ink in it. It would be fantastic for writing penpals and journaling.
    Lately I am branching out and using different nibs. Currently I am using a Noodlers Ahab with a nib I used to not like at all. Same emerald green ink in it.
    After all it is May!

  10. Love the looks of this pen. My choice of ink to use in this pen would be Diamine Aurora Borealis.

  11. Beautiful pen, I think the body would contrast nicely with something bold, maybe Iroshizuku Asagao? First post btw, love the blog!

  12. Happy Birthday!! OOh.. what color? deep greens or a rich red fill the gap of missing colors in my desk drawer. Happy Birthday again and many more!

  13. RED! Not sure which one, but right now I need all the ‘bright’ I can get my hands on. The cardinals in the front yard are my inspiration: Red sweatshirt, red socks, red clogs.

  14. Since I miss baseball I will say Birmingham Pen Company’s Forbes Field Green ink.

  15. Probably a teal ink like Colorverse Gravity Wave, which I think is my favorite teal ink.

  16. Happy Birthday! I think I’d use Monteverde Jade Noir if I won this pen. I still haven’t tried out a Leonardo, but I’ve been very happy with those Noir inks, so I think that would be a way to give the pen a fair shot of making a good impression.

  17. Happy birthday, Laura! Hope you’re able to celebrate as much as possible! I’d have to see the pen IRL to pick the best match of course, but until I win this (lol), I’m gonna go with Robert Oster Tranquility.

  18. Happy birthday! Seems the Aurora Borealis is a super interesting matchy ink for this beautiful pen, it matches great with the green colour

  19. I actually haven’t found the ‘perfect’ green yet so this would be an opportunity to experiement.

  20. Do I have a lack of imagination? No, just not an ink cabinet with many occupants. Therefore, I would reach for Iroshizuku Kon- Peki or a green from Rohrer and Klingner
    I will use it to annotate my anatomy studies.

  21. RED
    For me, signals Strength, needed by all of us.
    Determination to keep having Faith in these times we are striving to safely survive.
    Power to know this too shall definitely pass with patience.
    Senergy, we are in this together and have to cooperate to get to our “new normal,”
    nothing will resume as we knew it before.
    All of that in three letters of the alphabet and of the color I love!

  22. Recently I have been doing non-matchy pairings, so I might pick Monteverde Fireopal

  23. Colorverse Gravity Wave would be a great pairing! Or Diamine Enchanted Ocean. Hmmmm…..

  24. It would have to be GVFC Moss Green right now. Green is my favourite ink colour and I just love this gorgeous super shader. The pen would look great in my pen stand, optimistically, I have reserved a space for it right beside my Leonardo Messenger, also in green, inked with Edelstein Aquamarine.

  25. I’d maybe use TWSBI emerald green! Or, if I’m feeling like something with more contrast, Fire on Fire!

  26. Hi, Laura. I would put KWZ Discovery Green in my pen (it is the new KWZ ink made for Dromgoole’s–a beautiful sheening ink). I have been wanting a Leonardo pen (I do not have one–yet [grin]). Anyway, hope you are doing well and having a very happy birthday, despite the quarantines.

  27. I’d put in a dark green, like the Iroshizuku Hotei-son. Or maybe a bright orange, like Bungubox Hamanako Fresh Mandarin. Oo, or maybe a dusty purple, or a dark purple, or a bright teal…ok there are a lot of good paring options for this pen 😀

  28. Oh my! Decisions. Right now I am having a bit of a moment with Sailor Shikiori Yamadori, so perhaps that would be a way to finally welcome spring. It is in short supply here as we are looking at yet another week in the 40s 🙁

  29. I’d use a blue/black. This pen reminds me of the 1st fountain pen I ever had. It’s the late ‘50’s and in the 4th grade we were permitted to write with pens (not ballpoints—-they were rare at that time). Anyhow, my parents gave me my 1st pen. Was it bought especially for me or was it one they already had? Have no idea but I do remember the bottle of ink we all kept in our desks—Shaffer dark blue.

  30. Happy Birthday Laura, I hope you celebrate in style.

    I would fill it with Visconti Green.

  31. Happy Birthday!

    I just got a bottle of Diamine Oxford Blue that needs a pen friend!

  32. Happy Birthday!

    I just got Spectrolite from Kala Ink’s Gemstone series. It’s a neat, really dark grey-blue. I think it would look great in that pen.

  33. KWZ Azure #5 has been on my “to get” list, and this would definitely push me over that edge.

  34. Ooh tht’s quite a pen. I’d use my Pilot syo-ro iroshizuku ink it is such a lovely spring color.

  35. My first instinct is Monteverde Iced Cookie, but matching inks is more suitable to the Before Times.
    Now I think I’d go with something a little more contrasting and radioactive-looking.
    Rohrer & Klingner Verdura, probably.

  36. Either Sailor Sky High or Noodler’s Ottoman Azure. But really, you can’t lose with any ink in these pens…

  37. I think with the blue fleck, I’d have to go with some Birmingham Pen Co., Allegheny Observatory Celestial Blue!

  38. I’d have to throw some Straits Storm Warning in it, that looks like a good match for this pen.

  39. Ooooh, beautiful pen! ❤️❤️ ❤️
    I think I’d go for either Diamine Iridescink Christine, or Diamine Blue Polar Glow for that one.

  40. After a few seconds of thought about something in the blue green, green blue family that I have, I decided on Noodler’s General of the Armies. I have a bottle of that which is not in any pen right now. That is a gorgeous pen—my colors and my nib, so fingers crossed!

  41. Happy Birthday! I don’t have any Leonardo’s yet, so I’d probably go with an ink I know really well in terms of behavior. Something like Aurora Blue or Blue/Black. Once I know how the nib performs I’d feel more free to put something crazy in it who’s behavior compliments the nib.

  42. I just ordered two samples of KWZ Walks Over Vistula so that’s what I think I’d love to put in this!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WOO HOO!!

  43. Clearly, I won’t qualify to win but I wanted to wish my fearless co-pilot a happy birthday and thank you for all the amazing things you do. You rock! Happy birthday!

  44. Sailor Studio 123, a complex purple with some grey and even a touch of green to match the body of the pen.

  45. I’ve been testing out purples and I would fill it with Murasaki-shikibu.

  46. Happy Birthday Laura! Likely you know this, but apparently you share your birthday with Tina Yothers (1973) and Danielle Fishel (1981) and were born on the day Pete Rose got his 3,000 hit.

    As for the ink, I’ve been choosing contrasting inks recently so I’d probably go for something like Montblanc Le Petit Prince Red Fox

  47. Believe it or not, it would be Aurora Black. It’s a wonderfully behaving ink that seems to work well in many of my pens. A good test of a new pen as well perhaps.

  48. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance. One look at that and I’m thinking of a green based ink with the occasional deep purple. I think Birmingham’s Thomas Mellon Evergreen will be a great matchy matchy green ink and will be my first ink to fill it with. And then will play around with a purple like Rohrer & Klingner’s limited edition Auburgine may be a contender. So fun! Thank you!

  49. Happy birthday, and thank you for giving away this pen!
    I just went over my collection of inks last month, and I think I’d ink this pen with Pelikan Edelstein.

  50. Thank you Laura and happy birthday! I would put an ink Ana selected for me L’Artisan Pastellier Bleu Lagon.

  51. I would love to put a dark, sparkly gray (grey?) in this pen!

    Also happy answer-to-life-the-universe-and-everything birthday! May your day be free of paranoid androids and monstrous Krikket aliens. 🙂

  52. I would ink it up with RO Sydney Darling Harbor, which I have not yet tried but hear good things about.

  53. With the rich color of that pen, I would fill it with a rich, dark green ink. I am trying to use up some of my older inks right now. I would likely fill it with a hunter green ink from “W.Ink,” a brand offered by Steve Wynn at his pen store in the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas many years ago.

  54. Definitely ink it with either diamine cool green, or diamine bilberry. It would depend on weather the tealish color or the purpleish color dominates the pen.

  55. I love the colors in this pen! I would ink it with Robert Oster Ryde Green.
    Leonardo Officina Momento Zero are beautiful pens.

    Thank you for this generous offer.

  56. I always put my favorite workhorse/rather dry ink first in a new pen. I’m talking about Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue. It helps me gauge what the nib characteristics are like before I move on to something wetter. If the nib is pretty wet with Pelikan then I’m not going to try something like Pilot Iroshizuku something-something because I’ll just bleed through my cheap notebook paper with it. I like my fine nibs to act like fine nibs. But if the pen is anemic or even skipping and hard starting with Pelikan then I would happily use Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo or Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise with this pen!

  57. Thank you for doing the giveaway!

    I’d ink it up with my favorite ink: Sailor Jentle Yama-Dori (alas that it was a limited release!)

  58. Hm. With the lovely blue and green tones, I’d be inclined to start with Diamine Aurora Borealis, one of my favorite blue-greens.

  59. I’d put Pilot Iroshizuku Syo Ro in there. Such a pretty pen! Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. I would try Diamine Eau de Nil, which I am waiting for in the post and got delayed due to the Covid-19.
    Thanks a lot for your blog, that I enjoy enormously.

  61. Ooooooo…..Franklin-Christoph Emerald 357….WITH ALL MY HEART! A perfect matchy matchy…. and I have gazed at this pen endlessly Thank you for the opportunity!!

  62. I love mis-matching pens to inks – so I’d match a bright purple or orange to this.

  63. Indigo would be my first choice. My creativity is inspired by this color. Thanks for celebrating your birthday with this wonderful giveaway !

  64. Pilot Kon Peki. Don’t want to be too matchy matchy. Contrast creates interest.

  65. I’d ink it up with my trusty blue-black. I think it would be a perfect match for the pen colour and really stand out at meetings when I take notes.

  66. I’d choose grey/graphite. I’ve been keeping a quarantine sketchbook and using my fountain pens to write/draw all the things that happen during the day and then I’ve been adding watercolors. It has been a great way to keep our spirits up and remember all the little things that make us laugh and smile throughout the day so that when we’re sad, we can flip back through and look at them.

  67. I’ve got an ink arriving today from a little shop in Rome (Stilo e Stile) and the colour is called Roman Bronze Oxidation. That seems appropriate!

  68. I’d use ColorVerse Cat — I think it would be a great match for this gorgeous pen.

  69. My usual go-to ink is Aurora Blue. But that pen is such a lovely green that I think I would have to look for a dark green ink to go with it.

  70. Happy Birthday! Since you mentioned Hitchhikers guide I would look for a Hooloovoo ink (since Hooloovoo resemble a super-intelligent shade of the colour blue and demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the Universe by holding their breath until they turn a deep purple)

  71. Happy birthday!

    I always match ink to pen the first time (then all bets are off) so I’d go with… Goulet’s Colorverse Hustle.

  72. Happy birthday! I would put Robert Oster Deep Sea to find a nice balance between blue and green. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never used a Leonardo, but I’ve heard amazing things!

  73. In 1909, Mansfield Cummings became the first head of the British Secret Service MI6 and fell into the habit of signing all of his documents in green ink.

    Because of that curious fact, I put together a green ink: 25% Diamine Meadow + 75% J. Herbin Vert Pré. A nice and vibrant green mixture.

    That’s what I would put in the pen!

  74. For my college alma mater, Texas A&M, I’ve gotta go with Robert Oster 1789 maroon

  75. Laura–Happy Birthday! Thanks for offering this beautiful pen as a birthday gift for us I think my first ink for this pen would be either Rohrer & Klingner Smaragdgrün or Monteverde California Teal.

  76. I’d love to put in some of the really unreadable inks, like Herbin Bouton d’or. Then I could write secret notes to all my friends that nobody could read!

  77. I might go for contrast and use a red or orange ink. Maybe Robert Oster Fire on Fire.

  78. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway. Sorry your bday comes during quarantine, but hopefully you will get some sweet stationary gifts. I would have to put a dark teal blue in here. Maybe Sailor Yama-Dori?

  79. Happy Birthday and thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I think I’d use De Atramentis Jane Austen. I have a sample that I’ve been sort of saving for a special occasion what could be a better reason than writing with a beautiful pen like this?

  80. I would use Papier Plume Mardi Gras Indians Purple, cause why not.

  81. I have been playing with Organics Studio Santiago Sea Blue and loving the way the sheen plays from a fine nib. Seems like it would go well with the pen coloration here as well.

  82. It’s Pilot/Namiki Blue for me – as usual. I love the smell of Phenol in my ink 😉
    P.S., Happy Birthday!

  83. Happy Birthday!!!

    In this beautiful, I would put only the best!! I would put the Purple color Kobe Bryant ink in there!!!

  84. Sometimes I really love it when the ink is something completely unexpected for the the pen color – for this beautiful pen, that would be Diamine Red Dragon.

    1. Oooh probably something blue…maybe my iroshizuku kon peki to start with

  85. I would put in Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine . . . partly because I received it just today and am eager to use the new ink.

  86. Happy birthday! As your birthstone is emerald, I would ink the pen with Iroshizuku Shin-Roku. Befitting the times, I would use the pen to keep track of all my online expenditures made as a coping mechanism in this cabin-fever era.

  87. I think I would have to go with either Lamy Petrol or Montblanc Irish Green. Maybe switch it up with a bright purple every once in a while!

  88. I think something teal-ish or green, but not the Edelstein Olivine that I have. Maybe Lamy Petrol.

  89. I would enhance the beautiful pen with Pelikan Olivine to highlight the greens and compliment the blue. A very impressive print on my white or ivory paper!

  90. Noodler’s Ink Navy or maybe a Cobalt Blue. If I get crazy I might even go with, dare I say it. Blue Black !

  91. Love the looks of this pen! I haven’t been able to get a hold of one of these yet but they’re on my shortlist. I would probably trick this one out with Monteverde California Teal, a beautiful ink that I think would highlight both the blues and greens and marry them together nicely.

  92. Happy birthday!

    This pen looks wonderful! Lately I’ve been wanting to try a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuki Yama Budo and I think this pen would pair nicely with it (in an inverse match sort of way).


  93. Being new to this whole fountain pen thing I have a grand total of two inks in my ‘collection’ – Pilot Iroshizuku syo-ro and Sailor Shikiori shigure. The syo-ro might be the more obvious colour match but I think I would go with the shigure for some contrast. Happy birthday!

  94. I’ve been wanting to try Noodler’s Polar inks, so either Polar Blue or Green for this pen.

  95. I would personally put either colorverse gravity wave or colorverse quasar in. To me the pen is just inkling the galaxy sort of vibe that I love and it would only be appropriate to use with an outer space themed ink

  96. That’s a pretty pen! I’d probably fill it with a wet ink, maybe Iroshizuko Momiji or Kon Peki. (I hope I spelled those correctly.) Not a green ink, since I hardly ever use those.

    My wife, however, would definitely fill it with Diamine Steel Blue, like 89% of her pens…

  97. Happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely (quarantine) bday!
    I have a lovely peacock blue/green iroshizuku ink, syo-ro, that I’d use in this pen.

  98. This is a beautiful pen! I just go Blackstone Barrister Blue, and I think it would be great in this pen. The other option for me would actually be a dark grey like Diamine Graphite or Monteverde Smoke Noir.

  99. Happy birthday!

    For a while I’ve been wanting to get a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo. I think this wonderful looking pen would be a great opportunity to finally give it a try!

  100. Oh, I think R.O. Sydney Darling Harbour would be perfect in it. (And happy birthday!)

  101. I think I would use a brown inkBrown ink is one of my favorites in general and I feel it goes well with everyday personal writing.

  102. What a lovely pen and a fantastic giveaway. I have a cigar-box full of ink samples waiting to be used. I think I’ll start with Waterman’s “Mysterious Blue” and when that’s done go with Taccia’s “Hokusai Fukakihanada” (Try saying that five times fast!).

  103. Happy birthday! I would go with a Monteverde Cakifornia Teal or Horizon Blue. It would be an ink time decision.

  104. Happy Birthday!

    I like contrasting ink with pens, so I would choose something red/pink/purple in those shades. Recently tried organics Studio vanadium and I think it would be great!

  105. Birmingham Pens Frank Gorshen Green, because that’s the green I have. Maybe mix it with some blue.

  106. Not sure if I have an ink that’s an exact match, but Robert Oster Fire & Ice might be a good pairing. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve heard high praise for these pens.

  107. Happy Birthday, Laura! Thank you for sharing it with us. This pen is a beauty! For a fitting ink, my thought process went like this:
    Green ink!
    Blue ink!
    No, of course it should be teal!
    Specifically, Monteverde California Teal. The bottle is waiting.

  108. I would put a teal colored ink in this pen to go along with the blue-green color of the pen. I enjoyed your write-up. BTW your monkeys need to unionize!

  109. I only have three inks, and one of them is only in cartridge form. That wouldn’t stop me from trying them all — Waterman Serenity Blue, Sheaffer Skrip Jet Black, and Kaweko Palm Green.

  110. I’d use a blue ink, because I have accumulated dozens of blue inks in my quest for the True Blue (haven’t found it yet).

  111. I am new to pen mania so I am not familiar with the virtues of this pen, but I’d love to become familiar! For ink, I think I’d like Colorverse Rainy Day. (I hope I win!!!!)

  112. Wow, beautiful pen!

    I might put in Waterman Serenity Blue, my go-to well behaved ink, but maybe something g more Exotic, like RO Fire and Ice 🙂

  113. From my stash of inks I’m thinking this looks like a Bungubox Norwegian Wood Emerald type of pen or maybe do a Kyo No Oto No.1 since plain black might go well with it

  114. Love those colors! I’d go with either Diamine Aurora borealis or Robert Oster Jade

  115. Happy birthday, Laura! Hope you have a fantastic day!

    I’d put Robert Oster Tranquility in this pen, I think it’d look gorgeous!

  116. OMG- I covet this pen! I would put one of Robert Oster’s fabulous blues into this pen:)

  117. Seems like a reason to pick up a bottle of Sailor Studio 162 or Sailor Manyo Haha.

  118. Happy Birthday! I recently turned 42 as well! I also am very new to the fountain pen “community” having stumbled into it from watercolors, though handwriting has been my first love since childhood. I have a few Kaweco’s, Lamy’s, a few entry level Platinums, and a Pilot metropolitan. I also have a green marbled Pelikan p50 Goya from the 90s that was given to me in high school! I have some Pelikan blue, turquoise, and green inks that I’ve been wanting to mix for a nice teal, and that is what I would put in this pen! Hope you had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo birthday!

  119. Happy Birthday!! And I’m thinking a bright pink like Herbin Rose Cyclamen or maybe a purple like Cross Violet.

  120. I typically just use carts, so the world would be my oyster…. Maybe orange??

  121. Oh, years ago we took a trip to Portugal and were blown away by the beautiful blue-and-white tile we saw everywhere, the azulejos. The technique for making these tiles originated in Turkey, in the Ottoman Empire. So I would ink up the Leonardo Momento Zero with Noodler’s Ottoman Azure, which is based on that blue. It would be a beautiful match.

  122. I would either use Waterman Mysterious Blue or Cult Pens (by Diamine) Deep Dark Green. Or black (Aurora?), you can never go wrong with black :).

    Leonardo Momento Zero is an awesome pen, unbelievable for the price. This one would be a nice companion to my mate black, with some colour in my collection for a change.

  123. I’d go with Diamine Marine or Lamy Amazonite. I don’t have any inks currently with more green, so these will have to do.

  124. I know it’s a boring color compared to most, but a well done blue-black would be my choice. The range of options for blue-black inks is what drew me to fountain pens in the first place.

  125. I’ve been eyeing the Moment Zero for a while now! I’d use Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku.

  126. That is a gorgeous pen. I think i would ink it up with Robert Oster Tranquility, as that is something we could all use in our lives right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Diamine Imperial Purple – currently its the only ink I have…Not a hard choice to make then.

  128. I’d use iroshizuku ama-iro. It’s one of the first inks I ever bought and still one of my favorites.

  129. Happy birthday!!! I’ve been wanting to try a Leonardo pen! I think I would ink it with Sailor Yama Dori, its one of my favorite and would be the perfect match!

  130. Gorgeous pen! Since it’s green-blue, I’d pick something teal… maybe Iroshizuku Syo-ro or Diamine November Rain!

  131. Happy Birthday!!! It’d definitely be a matching teal for me! Perhaps Sailor Kobe 48 Marchais Blue!

  132. What a generous gesture and lovely pen. Happy Birthday!! I ink it up with the only blue green i have which is Noodler’s General of the Armies. It looks like it would be a very nice match colorwise. The fine nib would also help make sure the Noodler’s ink behaves.


    And as per your instructions, I think I’d use a deep teal. You know, the best of blue and green.

  134. I would fill it with Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-Ro. I find the color very soothing (I use it a lot – the only ink bottle I have had to replace because I emptied one) and I love the name, which approximates to “dew drop on pine needle.” I also think it sort of coordinates with the color of this pen.

  135. Happy Birthday! The pen seems between Montblanc Irish Green and Montblanc Racing Green. I’d probably go with the brighter Irish Green.

  136. I’ve been wanting one of these. For this color, I’d probably start with a deep red like Pure Pen’s “Cadwaladr”.

  137. Ohh, that would be difficult. I think I would try Monteverde’s Blue Velvet Cake, as it is a nice, wet blue with behave well in most of my pens and looks like it may go nicely with the Leonardo.

  138. I bought one of these with rose gold trim and a stub nib – it’s gloriously beautiful, but a little wide for everyday writing. I put Robert Oster Fire and Ice in mine. If I had a fine nib I might put a very wet blue ink into it.

  139. Start with a Turquoise
    The rotate green and blues to find the closest match to this pen body.
    That is part of the journey here

  140. Happy Birthday! I have two inks that I think would look good in this pen. First is Sailor Yama Dori. One of the first inks I got a bottle of. Robert Oster Lake of Fire would also look good.

  141. Hello, I’d use Pen Sajiki (Pent/Pen House) Jakujoya. It’s “professional” enough for work, but the green sheen would compliment the pen perfectly!

  142. I have a sample of De Atramentis Petrol that someone gave me at the Pelikan Hub in KC last year and I think it would make a perfect ink for this pen.

  143. I’m boring, because I would probably fill it with Pilot Blue Black first. That’s my go to ink.

  144. I would love to try all my blue inks in it and see which one it is destined to dance with.

  145. I’m currently enrolled in a class. The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art
    A course by Mattias Adolfsson. I would utilize the pen and permanent ink DeAtrametis Document Ink Black so that I can use watercolor for the class exercises.

  146. Diamine Salamander, because they’re just appearing with the warming weather here!

  147. I think I’ll probably put some sort of a green ink in this pen. Thank you for the opportunity and best wishes to you and yours!

  148. First, Happy Birthday! I’d use a green…I have a ton of Pelikan Olivine. I’ll be transferring to a new position, so this seems like a great way to use a new pen!

  149. Thanks for the chance to win!
    I think a teal ink would look great in it
    Happy birthday to you

  150. I would use Waterman Mysterious Blue. It’s been a favorite ink of late.

  151. I have a really nice black India ink that I put in all of my fountain pens. Just kidding! Noodler’s Blue Black would go great in this pen. Happy birthday!

  152. I would flirt with the idea of of Noodler’s Baystate blue, but then get cold feet and pull out the trusty bottle of Monteverde Sapphire Ink. lol

  153. Kobe #37, Minatojima Island Blue, a beautiful deep-water blue with a touch of green

  154. Happy Birthday, Laura! I would put Diamond Eau de Nil into this beautiful pen; it is a nice medium teal and I think it would go very well. Thank you for the opportunity!

  155. HBD young’un!! Leonardo pens are luscious! I think I would go with Sailor Jentle Yama-dori in this lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  156. O man, this would be an excellent pen. I would love this pen. First thing I would do is fit it with a gold nib! Either a broad or a flex nib. This is a fun pen. Its nib should be capable of laying a juicy wet line, so it can bring out all of the elements of the ink. I think a fine or even a medium wouldn’t do it justice.

    Then the ink, I would use is either ‘Robert Oster Fire & Ice’, or ‘Robert Oster Tranquility’. Both are gorgeous, F&I is a sheeny blue, and Tranquility is a beautiful teal that is full of sheen as well.

    Between this pen and the ink it would be a wonderful colorful experience. One thing is certain, it would never have a black or office appropriate ink in it.

  157. I would be using the Noodler’s Turquoise, which has such a deep blue green depth to it. It feels right to put the ink color corresponding to the pen color.

  158. I would put Colorverse Atlanta blue shimmer ink in this pen because…SHIMMER! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  159. I’d use Inspired Blue, from Waterman. I suspect it’s the sa.e hue as some of the streaks on the Momento.

  160. Happy Birthday, Laura!! I hope you’re enjoying your day!

    I have two colors that I haven’t opened and made it hard to choose because I’m torn between the whole matchy-matchy or just going…non-matchy.

    Ink option #1 – Monteverde Strawberry Shortcake
    Ink option #2 – Sailor California

    I’ll have to wait and see….

  161. I would put Diamine November Rain inside! A pen like this deserves sheeny ink.

  162. Gorgeous!!! I’d put Jacques Herbin 1798 Kyanite du Nepal in this fabulous pen!!! Thank you!

  163. Hello and Happy Birthday!

    I’m going through a stage right now where inks must sparkle, so I would either go with J. Herbin’ s Bleu Océan or Diamine’s Magical Forest. If I ever get out of this world of shimmer and unicorns there’s Diamine’s Majestic Blue. Or if I could talk quickly enough, I would try some of my husband’s Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine. He just got it as a special treat, but maybe he would share

  164. Happy Birthday!

    Since I’m home all the time now, I’ve started discovering all kinds of treasures I had completely forgotten about, including a bottle of KWZ ink in Baltic Blue. It’s a dark blue, maybe more teal, with hints of dark forest green. I think it would be lovely in this pen!

  165. Faber Castell Loom matt gunmetal with broad nib. Cap is black, but the barrel is metallic brown. Inked up with Herbin Lie de Thé. Best combo I’ve every tried.

  166. First of all, happy birthday! 🙂
    Regarding the ink… I’d like to use the Caran D’Ache Caribbean Sea, but as it’s discontinued I would like to use the Diamine Marine. I think it is a nice match for this pen.
    Leonardo pens are the ones I’ve been most enchanted by recently. I’d love to own one someday

  167. With a pen these colors, I could only imagine a deep green-leaning turquoise, possibly with some sheen — just to make myself dizzy with all the layers every time I write!

  168. I so love this pen and want it even though I’d prefer a medium nib. Okay, so what I’d put IN the pen. Well, that’s tough. Let’s see. I’d love to see Robert Oster’s Deep Sea in there, or something like De Atramentis Pigeon Blue. That’s my house blue, ya know. Something kinda blue-tealy.

  169. I think it would be fun to play with teal/turquoise inks in this pen. Maybe Iroshizuku Ku Jaku or Lamy Turmaline.

  170. Diamond Eau de Nil. Gorgeous color, beautiful flow. Wonderful match to this pen.

  171. rohrer & klingner smaragdgrün Is my favorite teal and would go great in this pen

  172. I’d put de atramentis plum in it. It’s my favorite ink, and seems to match the pen color pretty dang closely!

  173. Toss-up between two Graf von Faber-Castell inks (moss green or cobalt blue) or maybe Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro

  174. I’d fill it with Akkerman Dutch Masters Dou’s Emerald!

  175. I’d go with either Lamy Dark Lilac or Montblanc Beatles psychedelic purple, because I don’t go matchy matchy, I go opposite color wheel colors 🙂

  176. I would use Kyo No Oto Hisoku! A colour named for the impossible colour of greeny-bluey celadon glaze? Totally perfect.

  177. Diamine evergreen! A rich, beautiful green will shine in this pen.

    Happy birthday! So long and thanks for all the… pens!

  178. Great giveaway!

    I’d go with a teal that leans green. Probably Monteverde California Teal since it sheens well and looks great in all nib sizes.

  179. I’m feeling a need for a vivid purple (like Diamine Majestic Purple) despite it not being a color match for this pen.

  180. If I were to win the pen I would probably ink it with Montblanc Petrol for that greenishbluish look as if the colors of the pen melted into the liquid that is the ink.

  181. I would ink it with either diamine oxblood or kwz raspberry to contrast the color of the pen 🙂

  182. The new Dromgoole’s exclusive KWZ Discovery Green! Need to get a bottle STAT.

  183. I’d use a dark green, either Diamine’s Delamere Green or their Tropical Green. Probably the Tropical Green cause it’s more bluish and matches the pen better.

  184. Hmmmm…I think I’d like to pick up some Leonardo Green ink to go with it! If not that, then I do have Visconti Green which I think will go well with this pen.

  185. I’d use this pen as an excuse to add to my small but growing Robert Oster collection, and pick up a teal or dark green ink.

  186. I would fill this pen with a nice, bright red ink to mark up floor plans for home construction!

  187. Thank you for the giveaway, and happy meaning of life, etc. birthday.
    Robert Oster River of Fire…or maybe Pacific Teal.

  188. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you and your family are well and stay healthy. I’d load this beautiful pen with Faber Castell’s Deep Sea Green.

  189. Wow! That pen’s a doozey. I’d like to fill it with Pilot Iroshizuku Bamboo Forest, or Chikurin. I figure why not a beautiful green ink for a beautiful green pen. If it were mine, I’d use it for note taking and journaling or writing dirty limericks. You know, the usual pen stuff.

  190. That pen deserves to be used and I’d put a good black ink in it, Jacques Herbin Noir Abyssal.

  191. Have a very happy birthday Laura! I will put a nice deep blue or something with sheen in it! Iroshizuku Asa Gao or Nitrogen OS

  192. I would put Diamine Ancient Copper because the green and blue facets on this pen make me think of actual ancient copper!

  193. Diamine Desert Rose…I got a bottle for Christmas, and I’m hesitant to actually use it because it’s so hard to get here.

  194. Diamine shimmering ink in Orange Inferno. The constraint with the blue- green would look fab!

  195. Noodler’s Air Corps Blue-Black is an ink that often comes out a little more blue-green than blue-black, and it would compliment this pen nicely. That said, Robert Oster Aqua is way cooler ink, and Aqua is a sort of green-blue anyway, right?

  196. I would use Robert Oster Dragon’s Night.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, and happy birthday.

  197. Ooh this would be a nice pick-me-up! I have a pretty Noodler’s blue ink that I’d put in there, to go with the little blue accents.

  198. Although I don’t generally try to match my ink to pen color this one does appear to be calling for a teal ink.

  199. The pen reminds me of two ink that I haven’t used for quite some time. I might use either Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku or Montblanc Irish Green.

  200. I would fill it with either Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo (my favorite blue) or a deep green–Diamine Sherwood Green or Delamere green would work well, I think.

  201. I’m not certain it would be considered a blue/green, but one ink jumped into my minds eye immediately upon looking at this beautiful pen – Standard Bindery Clear Seas. Probably because I just got a sample of it, and I really love it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  202. So Beautiful! I’d use Robert Oster FIre and Ice ink to match the blue-green of this pen!

  203. I would put in a Capri Blue in this lovely pen, To be reminded of the sky and the sea

  204. Happy Birthday! I turned 42 just over a month ago; for being the answer, I sure have a lot of questions still. 🙂

    It’s a beautiful pen. I’ve got a thing for greens, so I’d either end up with something brighter (Sailor Studio 760 or Montblanc Irish Green), or something darker (Diamine Green Black or Forest Green). Probably the Forest Green.

  205. I’d probably put something complimentary like a nice bright purple! What a great combo with that green color!

  206. It has to be a blue-green ink. Not sure I have the right ink, but winning would be a good excuse to buy more ink!

  207. Happy birthday!

    I’m going to pick a bright orange ink to liven things up, like flowers in a field. Why not Diamine Pumpkin or herbin Orange Indien (with the pretty elephant on the label – Herbin’s labels are so cute)

  208. Happy birthday Laura! I’m not normally a green ink person most of the time, but I think this calls for something in that range!

  209. I’d go for a medium dark cyan (ku-jaku maybe), matching the overall color of the pen.

  210. Been wanting to try Emerald Chicken! Happy the-answer-to-life-the-universe-and-everything Birthday!

  211. Peach Haze. I love the way the light hits the ink when I’m outside at dusk, writing on the back porch.

  212. I think I would ink it with one of my favorites script green, which tends to the blue.

  213. I’d have to try it as soon as possible, so the best ink I have on hand for it would be my Mont Blanc Irish Green but I’d order something a closer match to the pen ASAP, perhaps Monteverde California Teal.

  214. I’d probably be predictable and use my go to Montblanc Psychedelic Purple as it would make it a trifecta of my 3 fav fountain colors that way!

  215. I would use Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku – it’s one of the few inks I almost always have in a pen. It’s a sweet spot for me now.

  216. Happy Birthday! I would fill this pen with pelikan Edelstein Adventurine Green, which my Auto Correct is having quite the heyday with. But I suddenly realize I don’t own enough cool toned darker greens!

  217. Fine looking pens and well reviewed. I’d use KWZ Foggy Green in mine.

  218. I would probably use Noodlers Squeteague – such a mysterious blue!

  219. Happy birthday! I would use Sailor Yama-dori with blue and silver shimmer in it.

  220. I would probably start with KWZ Hawaii Blue before switching to Lamy Turquoise just to see which one makes the blue of the pen pop.

    1. I would use Robert Oster Frankly Blue, a teal named for Frank of Federalist Pens

  221. I love iron gall inks. I’d put KWZ Iron Gall Turquoise in the pen. It shades beautifully, has a low sheen, and flows nicely. Out of 10 pens currently inked, iron gall inks are in seven of them, including Salix, Scabiosa, and ESSRI. I’ve never had any problems with iron gall inks with either stainless or gold nibs.

  222. This is a beautiful pen. Thanks for doing such a generous giveaway! If I was fortunate enough to win, I’d ink this up with Mont Blanc Blue Hour.

  223. I would go with Ambre de Birmanie from Herbin. Sooo lively ! In these times, anything that can make our days more luminous is welcome 🙂

  224. That is a beautiful pen. I don’t have many inks yet, but of the ones I have so far, I would choose Diamine Sherwood green. If I won, I would find a shading blue to coordinate with the blue flecks.


    I think Monteverde California Teal would be a great match for this pen.

  226. I’d use a mix I made myself! It’s a combo of Iroshuzki Syo-Ro with a hint of Diamine Sherwood Green! I think this would be the PERFECT match for this ink

  227. I just recently ordered a bottle of Monteverde DC Supershow Teal. Wouldn’t that look fantastic in this lovely pen??

  228. I would have to try some Iroshizuku Syo-ro in that good looking pen. I have had my eyes on picking one of these out for a while now…

  229. Beautiful pen. I think I would fill it with Montblanc Irish Green for its first fill!

  230. Such a beautiful pen. Since I usually ink my pens with either blacks or blues, this one deserves my Noodler’s Blue-Black. The best of all!

  231. Naturally I would use Robert Oster Eeny Meany Greenie Bellini, which would match the material precisely. Or if that’s too matchy-matchy, (and I fear it might be) something simpatico from Pilot Iroshizuku, the one that is said to evoke a half-remembered pine needle refracted in the first few minutes of a cold dawn through a droplet of early October dew,… shin-ryoku.,

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