Link Love: (Week Seven) 10/10/10

For the folks here in the Kansas City area, today marks the first day of relaxed restrictions on the stay-at-home order which has been dubbed by our mayor as 10/10/10 for non-essential businesses. Whether this will actually keep people healthy while restarting our economy remains to be seen. Being essentially “self-employed”, I don’t have to leave the house except for the occasional grocery run or postal pick-up so I am going to try to keep those as minimal as they’ve been in the past month.

In less pandemic news, Sunday I met, virtually, with the Lone Star Pen Club which was very cool. We talked about recent pen acquisitions, favorite shades of pink ink, why we made the new Col-o-ring Dippers and what’s on the horizon for The Desk Shop. Stay tuned. It was such a nice group of people with a great collection of pens from Viscontis to Jinhaos. It reminded me a lot of our local Kansas City group. All pens welcome!

One other topic we discussed was the news about Crane paper mill. I promised the group I would include the link from the news coverage here. The link is in Paper & Notebooks. I hoped to get more information by the time this post went live but unfortunately, the information I found online is still largely contradictory and hazy. Hopefully, there will be more information available from Crane and Mohawk in the coming weeks.




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  1. When I saw the mention at the top of the news from Crane, I thought “oh, maybe I can share something useful from the local news, since I live nearby and have been paying attention to the coverage,” and then I saw that you linked to our wonderful public radio station, WAMC, and knew you had already found the best source 🙂

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