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I have squirrel brain today so bear with me.

Pelikan Hub 2020 canceled

First, news that the Pelikan Hubs are officially cancelled for 2020 rolled out yesterday. It’s the safest decision but it makes all of us so sad. Just this weekend, Laura and I were talking about how, in order to orchestrate the Hubs, Pelikan would have to have staff in their warehouse right now boxing up magazines, ink and all the accoutrements now to get materials shipped around the world in time for the September event — and that’s assuming that there isn’t a terrible increase in the cases of COVID-19 in the interim.

Yesterday, Lisa from Vanness Pens asked me to appear on her weekly Instagram Live chat. We had a good turn out of people. If you’d like to watch it, we chat about what we are currently using, the possibility of pen shows this year and shipping issues.

Last week on The Pen Addict podcast, Brad said that he would unveil the urushi Lamy Safari/AL-Star pens that Jonathan at Carolina Pen Co. created for us in a YouTube video. He posted it this morning. There should be a link on Relay.FM if you’d like to see it for yourself. Jonathan outdid himself. I’m speechless.

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone… did you notice it? It is now safe to pull out your “summer whites” sweatpants and replace your slippers with your flip flops. Thank you, post-pandemic, social-distanced, fashion rules. At least we don’t have rules for what notebooks, pens and ink we can use, right?

Finally, next week is the start of our (hold on to your hats…. CAPS LOCK ON!) OUR TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! That’s right, The Well-Appointed Desk is turning TEN! I can hardly contain my excitement and we have WEEKS of extra special content planned including TONS of giveaways so get ready for it!! Are you excited? Humor me, okay.




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  1. As always.. a very interesting set of links. My Modern Met is now bookmarked. Thanks for brightening the day!

  2. Ten years! Wow such an achievement. Congratulations! I am so happy I rediscovered your website and store. Just yesterday I googled something and an article from 2014 came up and I read all 6 parts. Keep up the great work.

  3. Congratulations on the big anniversary! It’s extra nice to have things to celebrate right now. I’m appreciating the switch from slippers to flip flops for the same reason 😉

  4. The Pelikan Hubs cancellation makes me sad, too. Pretty much everything I was looking forward to got cancelled this year. At least we have the blog’s 10-year anniversary to look forward to!

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