Product Release: Baron Fig Simple Observations Notebook

Baron Fig collaborated with Shantell Martin to create the new Simple Observations ($20) guided journal. Utilizing their classic flagship Confidant size (5.4″ x 7.7″), the journal features a black cloth cover with white lettering on the cover. Inside the end paper reverse the colors with bright white paper and black hand lettering.

Baron Fig Simple Observations

Baron Fig Simple Observations

Inside, the journal features 375 prompts (192 pages), two on each page to write or draw your impressions. In our current world, it is the perfect time to reflect on some of our thoughts, simple pleasures, and inner dreams.

Baron Fig Simple Observations

Examples of some of the prompts include:

  • Write the longest word you can think of.
  • How do you spend your days off?
  • Open a drawer and draw what’s inside.
  • What is privacy?
  • What does water taste like to you?

You can open the book and write or draw the first prompt that speaks to you. Then tomorrow, open the book to another page. No one says you have to start at the front of the book and work from front-to-back. Do whatever you want. Journaling doesn’t have to be epic or intimidating. It can be short, silly, fun, bite-sized, simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

Baron Fig Simple Observations

We have reviewed the paper used in BaronFig notebooks and journals in the past and find the paper to be good for pen, pencil, ink and fountain pen.

Baron Fig Simple Observations

The notebook comes in the same matte finish box that all the other Baron Fig Confidant notebooks ship in making them supremely giftable.

The timing for this product couldn’t be more perfect. I’m sure when BaronFig planned it, they couldn’t have predicted that so many of us would be housebound, stressed out and possibly unemployed and needing a way to think about the things that made us thankful and happy. Now, to open up the page in Simple Observations that says “What’s the purpose of life?” and write “to pick 4-leaf clovers, drink cheap beer and make waffles.” Sounds good to me.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by BaronFig for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Hmmm… not really sure how/if I would use a journal like this. Every now and then I find writing (or drawing) prompts helpful, but more often not. I’ll look forward to hearing how you like using this for a while!

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