Pen Review: Zig Clean Color Dot Double Sided Markers

Kuretake Zig CleanColor Dot Double Sided Markers

I was absolutely tickled to find the Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot Double Sided Markers recently. There are 12 different colors available (available in a set for $35 or individually for $3.30 each). I decided to just try a few colors to start. Usually, I’m inclined to get the whole set, every color, but this time, I decided to try a little restraint and just get a few of the colors I’m most likely to use. I got:

  • Salmon darker and pinker than cap suggests
  • Island Coral cap fairly accurate to fine tip but dots tend to be a bit darker
  • Summer Sun bright golden yellow, cap color is a fairly accurate representation of color
  • Kiwi (of course) best described as a fresh spring green, not as light as the caps suggest
  • Ocean the fine tip is a little lighter than the cap and the dot end seems a little bluer than the caps suggest

Kuretake Zig CleanColor Dot Double Sided Markers

So, what makes these markers different? Well, one end has a small dauber like a bingo marker. When tapped onto your paper with varying amounts of pressure, you can make dots of varying size. The dot end can also be used as a regular marker as well for coloring, highlighting or underlining. But let’s be honest, its making dots that is the real reason I bought these.

Kuretake Zig CleanColor Dot Double Sided Markers

The other end has a 0.5mm fine tip marker which is good for writing or drawing. It would be perfect for titles in a bullet journal, addresses on envelopes or details in coloring.

Kuretake Zig CleanColor Dot Double Sided Markers

As you can see the colors are bright and vibrant and quite Spring-y.  I think these are really fun and I have been bopping dots on anything that wasn’t moving. The pens are water-based pigment so the ink isn’t permanent. It won’t move like watercolor but if it gets wet, it will bleed to a certain extent. If you’re dotting on everything, it means you should be able to clean it up… hopefully.


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  1. I could only love these markers more if they had the dot on both sides. I don’t think I’ve uncapped the fine tip since I got them.

  2. These look fun, and JennyME’s comment above made me think about how extra fun these would be if the dots on both ends were different colors!

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