Product Preview: Ink Bottle Rubber Stamps (Shameless Plug)

Following discussions and suggestions from friends and followers of the blog, we are introducing two new rubber stamps in the shop this week. This post falls clearly in the category of shameless self-promotion so proceed forewarned.

short bottle stamp art block

We created two different ink bottle rubber stamp designs. The first stamp is based on a classic bottle design ($14) used by many companies. The stamp measures 1.5″ x 1.5″ and fits easily on a Col-o-ring card, Col-o-dex Card, or Col-o-ring Oversize page.

short bottle handle stamp

The stamp is available mounted on wood as an “art block” (no handle) or with a blonde wood handle.

short bottle stamp rubber view

The stamp is thick red rubber, mounted on cushion foam and the design is laser etched on the top to make it easy to identify.

tall bottle stamp art block

The second design is a tall faceted bottle stamp ($14) based on a vintage bottle design. It is 1.25″ x 2″.

tall bottle handle stamp

It is also available as the “art block” (no handle) or with a blonde wood handle and laser etched on the top with the design.

tall bottle stamp rubber view

The stamp features the same high quality as the short ink bottle stamp.

permanent stamp pads black

We recommend using a waterproof, archival stamp pad if you want to swab your ink samples over the stamp. Below we have demonstrated tests using the Avery Carter’s Stamp Pad, Office Depot Stamp Pad and Ranger Archival Stamp Pad. The Avery Carter’s and Office Depot came from Office Depot. Similar big box office supply store stamp pads should work as well. Look for a pad that says “dye-based” not “pigment-based”. The Ranger Archival pad came from JoAnn’s hobby store. Again, any stamp pad listed as archival, waterproof or dye-based should work.

tall bottle stamp on Col-o-ring card

tall bottle stamped on tomoe river

The sample above shows the three black stamp pads used in a Nanami Cafe Tomoe River Notebook. The Ranger pad seems darkest but all three pads have been in my possession for sometime and the quality may be a  result of age.

short bottle stamped on Col-o-ring Oversize

Above, the same three stamp pads are used in a Col-o-ring Oversize. Again, the darkness of the ink from the pads may be a result of how old the pads are though my inclination is to guess that the Ranger pad may be of slightly higher quality as it’s designed for craft purposes.

tall bottle stamped in color

Don’t think you have to limit yourself just to black stamp pads. There are lots of different color options in the Archival stamp pads and it could make for some really fun looks in your Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book or other notebook. Here, I used a Ranger Archival green stamp pad with Vinta Sirena green ink. I think it looks pretty cool.

short bottle stamped in color

I tried a similar technique with an Avery Carter’s red stamp pad and Ferris Wheel Press Lady Rose ink and I got a little bleeding of the red ink. It could be a reaction between the ink from the stamp pad and the fountain pen ink or that the stamp pad ink is not as waterproof as the black ink. I’ll have to test it further to find out. I still think it looks pretty.

tall bottle stamp Col-o-ring filled in

Finally, back to using a black stamp pad and Colorverse Crystal Planet. I left the label open to maybe write the color name in once the ink is dry. So many options!

I hope you are as excited about these new stamps as we are. If these stamps are well-received, we may introduce more ink bottle shapes. What do you think? Do you like them?

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  1. These are great, I’d love to order one but I live in the UK and sadly you don’t ship here…..

    1. Sadly, shipping costs outside the US are more than the cost of the product which is why we don’t currently ship outside the US.

  2. Just received the tall ink bottle rubber stamp and could hardly wait to ink it up. Love the design and only wish had had it two months ago when I had finally gotten around to swabbing my ink samples. Now, I am going to remake all 175 samples with the ink bottle design. It’s just the way it is. I used the permanent Ranger Archival Ink pad.

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