Product Review: Stickers from JetPens

Stickers from JetPens

JetPens offers a wide variety of sticker sheets that can be used in planners, bullet journals, notebooks or on letters and correspondence. I thought I’d try a few of the different brands of stickers that they carry to give an in-depth review. Stickers are fun and right now I think we all could use some fun in our lives.

Midori Animal Stickers

Most of the planner and sticker-sheet stickers are printed on clear acetate and kiss-cut. Some of the stickers have had the additional top paper/acetate removed so the stickers look die cut and then floating on a sheet of acetate. Most of the stickers also included a pass of opaque white ink so that you may apply them and not see lines or dots from your notebook or planner through the stickers. Other stickers are left purposely translucent so they may be applied over printing in a planner (like bubbles over key dates) or to create a more watercolor effect.

The first sheet I have to show is from Midori. It is the removable achievement Exercise Animals ($3.80/sheet). They are designed for planners and are removeable so that if  plans change, you can move the sticker as needed. I just thought the little animals were too cute to pass up. Since there are not many other activities in my planner, I don’t feel bad utilizing space with cute reminders to exercise. The small images like the fruit and avocado are also stickers that can be used to brighten up your bullet journal or planner.

Close-up sticker die cut

The image above is a close-up of the kiss-cut diecut around the edge of a sticker.

Sticker Marche Tea

Also from Midori are the Sticker Marche Tea set ($3.80/sheet). These stickers printed on translucent washi-like paper and are die cut. There is a triangle cut-out in the lower righthand corner of the backing card to show the translucent quality of these stickers. When I ordered them, I didn’t realize quite how translucent they were so the pastel color will definitely look better on white or light colored paper.

Sautelier Bread Stickers

Suatelier makes some of my favorite stickers available through JetPens.  While the shelter-at-home world is taken with bakin’, the Suatelier I Like Bread stickers ($2.50/sheet) seemed like a perfect addition. The stickers are die cut to the edge (no clear edges) and are opaque white so no paper will show through.

Sautelier Drop Stickers

While on the topic of opaque white stickers, the Suatelier Rain Drop stickers ($2.50/sheet) are one of my favorites. The white rain drops look particularly nice when applied over color and the little expressions on the faces are adorable.

Sautelier Kokeshi Doll Stickers

I originally bought a sheet of the Suatelier Kokeshi Stickers for my friend who collects kokeshi dolls but when they arrived, they were so cute I knew I would have to order another sheet for myself. Like the Rain Drop stickers, these stickers have no clear edges, the die cut is flush with the designs so they look so good when applied. The white flower stickers look great on a colored envelope or over an ink splash.

Spring Day Stickers

I’m not sure that the Suatelier Spring Day stickers ($2.50/sheet) serve any purpose other than they make me smile. Like the other Suatelier stickers, they are printed on white and die cut with no visible trim edge so they look great when applied. Honestly, I’ll probably buy another sheet of these, just for the monkeys.

Sautelier Puffy Panda Stickers

Oof, the Suatelier puffy pandas ($.250/sheet) make me feel like I’m back in grade school — in a good way. These rolly-polly puffy pandas printed on opaque white vinyl are so cute. They definitely brighten my day. Are they useful? Not in the least but I don’t care.

Schedule Stickers

The Pine Book Poyo Animals Schedule Stickers – Annual & Daily Events ($2.65/sheet) are brightly colored and printed on clear acetate with a die cut edge but these are tiny stickers designed to fit into your planner or bullet journal. There are some holiday related critters though some may relate more to Japanese holidays like cherry blossom festival but they are still so stinkin’ cute and include critters that could be used for birthdays, outings (if we can ever go out again) and exercising piggies (again with the exercise, clearly a theme is developing).

Another set of Poyo Animals Mark & Line stickers ($2.65/sheet) are designed specifically to annotate planners, calendars and bullet journals. The majority of the stickers are translucent so that they can be used across days on a calendar page or over the dates to indicate a special day or activity.

I absolutely had to get another sheet of the Pine Tree Event & Corner Schedule stickers by Panda Life ($2.65/sheet). If you didn’t know, I really like pandas so I had a sheet of these a couple years ago and I’m glad they are still available. The sheet is essentially two small sheets repeated on one page. If you notice the large “corner peek” pandas, you’ll see where the repeat starts. The teeny, tiny dancing pandas can be put throughout your planner and the “corner peek” pandas fit in the edge of your calendar blocks or the edge of your page to make you smile. I’ve already used one as you can see in the right hand photo — I swiped the corner panda who looks a little stressed. It seemed to fit the overall vibe for the month.

I’m pretty happy with all the stickers I got. The Midori stickers are a little pricey considering they are the same size as the others. Suatelier are probably my favorites in terms of overall aesthetics. For functional and fun, I really like the Pine Book stickers for annotating planners. The Sticker Marche is probably the only ones I was a little disappointed about simply because I didn’t realize they were going to be washi-style and very translucent. Had they been planner stickers this would have bothered me less but since the Sticker Marche set was purely decorative, I’m not sure I’d buy another sheet of those. Once stuck in my planner though, they look pretty good.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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