Pen Review: Iconic 2-Way Marker Pens, Pastel Colors

Review by Laura Cameron

I always love new office supplies so I was happy to put a set of the Iconic 2-way Marker Pens in Pastel Colors ($8.00) in my cart and give them a whirl.

These Korean Markers are double-ended, giving you a variety of options. One end has a chisel tip, great for highlighting or laying down a heavier line, whereas the other end has what they call a “bullet tip,” a fine liner.

The Iconic 2-way Marker Pens come in 3 sets (Retro, Pastel and Deco) of 5 markers each. From the photos on Jetpens, it appears that the Deco Set produces the most saturated colors.

I like the colors in the pastel set, and I feel like they’d be great for highlighting, but I’m less sold on the fine liner use since the colors are light enough that I think they’d be hard to read in any large amount of text. I did also find while doodling a bit, that the ink in these pens needs some time to dry – I smeared one of my sad little drawings right away.

Overall this was a fun set to try, but I think I’d pick up the Deco set if I wanted to use it for any kind of writing because those colors would be saturated enough to read easily.

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