Giveaway #3: Fontoplumo Exclusive Kaweco Coral Fountain Pen & Matching Rickshaw Sleeve

Fontoplumo giveaway

Our good friends in the Netherlands, Fontoplumo have offered a very special giveaway for our anniversary. They are giving away one Fontoplumo ExclusiveKaweco Sport Coral Guilloche fountain pen (winner can choose silver or gold trim and nib of their choice, as long as it’s still in stock) and a Rickshaw XS 3 pen sleeve cozy Coral for Kaweco Sport size pens.

This giveaway is open to our readers worldwide.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what was your first Kaweco pen. If you don’t have one yet, what would be the first one you are planning to buy. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Satuday, June 6, 2020. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping is handled by Fontoplumo and is open to all readers. Any shipping questions will need to be directed through giveaway sponsor. Our sponsors have been kind enough to give away product and cover the cost of shipping, so please be patient and kind. Thanks.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Fontoplumo for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. My first Kaweco pen was a sunshine-yellow Student pen with a BB nib. I still use and enjoy it!

  2. I’ve never had a Kaweco FP, although I’ve admired them for awhile. I like a demonstrator, but this coral one is a beauty, so it would probably be this coral one. Turquoise and coral are my 2 favorite colors. Oh! And Rickshaw bags are great! Thanks.

  3. Don’t have a Kaweco yet but love tropical colors–this would be lovely; I’ve also eyed the mint.

  4. Ooh I’ve always wanted a Kaweco. I’ve been keeping my eye on
    Kaweco Frosted Sport Fountain Pen the Light Blueberry one. I usually go for dark blue or black but that one looks awesome. So does the coral color.

    1. My first Kaweco was a pink Sport, the one with a clear barrel and pink cap, only I didn’t realize it was a clear barrel. I received it pre-eyedroppered with a lovely Platinum Mix-free in Cyclamen Pink which made the barrel appear a matching pink and I would just refill it. It was only till I sent it on to a friend and really cleaned it out that I realized it was clear! And it cleaned perfectly by the way!

  5. My first kaweco was a sport in forest green. I even bought a Monteverde ink to match!

  6. My first Kaweco was bought in Hamburg in a shop there and it was a Liliput Brass. It needs some tweaking so it’s been a while since I’ve used it. I have a sport that’s hiding somewhere in the house; three perkeos (that are inked in roation and I only used one last week)

  7. My first was the Kaweco Sport frosted blueberry and frosted lime (bought together)

  8. My first Kaweco pen was a Sport in white with a fine nib. It wrote like butter, so smooth. So I got a bordeaux with EF nib, then the calligraphy nibs. Then a Kaweco Student. I guess I’ll never stop buying and using Kaweco pens!

  9. My first Kaweco was a special edition made for JetPens. I think it was called the music version. It has a cap with a staff and musical notes running through the staff. It’s cute.

  10. My first Kaweco pen was a Sport Green with fine nib. Every Kaweco has been great.

  11. I have never owned one, but this one is so…romantic! This has made me take a second look at their pen line, aside from this one the Student 70’s Soul would be a fun pen addition! But I may just pick this coral one up for my birthday this month, it’s too pretty.

  12. My first Kaweco was the Perkeo in the coral/black color…Posion or Bad Medicine ir something. This is a beautiful set in one of my favorite colors!

  13. Never had a Kaweco, but love the love the Coral. And Rickshaw pen cases are the best.

  14. My first (and only Kaweco so far) is a Kaweco Perkeo in Old Chambray. It has a medium nib on it and is a nice writer. As always, thanks for doing the giveaway.

  15. My first Kaweco was a mint green one – I filled it with a blue/green ink and was my daily pen until i purchased my first TWSBI!

  16. Thanks for these giveaways.

    I don’t own a Kaweco yet. For my first sport, I’d pick either the Coral (w/silver trim), as the color reminds me of my 3rd grandmother, or the translucent dark green, which matches my glasses.

  17. Coral may have been last year’s color of the year, but I’ve really been enjoying using it in my art and adding coral pieces into my wardrobe ^__^ Kawecos are really nice anyway. If I win, I’d love the silver one, but either is beautiful!

  18. My first Kawecos were bought at the same time: the mint and the translucent green because I wanted to mix and match

  19. I don’t have a kaweco in my collection yet, but I thought very long and hard about getting the brass supra. In the end I bought a copper Orion from namisu to fill that spot in my collection. I would still consider the steel version of the supra though at some point.

  20. i’ve never owned a Kaweco before but see so many folks talk about how great of an EDC they are. More importantly, that color is gorgeous!

  21. My first Kaweco pen was a pink sport. I still have it and carry it in my teacher bag every day.

  22. Hopefully this one! But in all serious one of their solid metal editions like the brass or stainless steel finish. I just think they look so cool. Have a very distinguished look.

  23. My first Kaweco was a AL Sport in Blue that I got in Madrid in 2006. It was my first fountain pen.

  24. My first Kaweco was a clear Sport. I immediately eyedropped it and haven’t looked back.

  25. I bought 2 basic black Kaweco sports. I’m proud to say I gave them away to fp newbies who were interested in using a fp.

  26. My first and only Kaweco was a sport model. I decided to eye dropper it. It was a great pocket pen. While I do not have it anymore, I would love to have this one in my collection. Thank you Ana and congratulations on ten years! Keep up the awesome job.

  27. My first Kaweco pen was the dark green Sport, fine nib. Love it. Got a bronze clip for it and have a Kaweco Palm Green cartridge in there now. Would love to have a coral guilloche one to go with it… probably with a gold nib to match my greenie. If I don’t win, I think the raw aluminium Sport (maybe in a medium nib to give that a try) will be my next Kaweco.

    1. The first Kaweco I purchased came from the Goulets. It was inked for yrs until I bought a Liliput Fireblue to carry in my purse. In between, my husband gifted me a maroon skyline and I bought a used blue allrounder.They are terrific!
      My narative Ode to Coral ended up elsewhere so
      Throughout my life, Coral has been a go-to color. Wearing it always brightens my day with its happy vibe, plus I frequently receive compliments. Decorating our home with pops of its cheerfulness is fulfilling. I would LOVE to win THIS Kaweco pen!!! They make awesome pens! THX

  28. My first Kaweco was an AL Sport in Black that I bought second hand. I love it and still use it a lot.

  29. I’m pretty new to the fountain pen world and haven’t owned a Kaweco, but I’m learning from your great descriptions! That coral color is gorgeous!

  30. I love this color, especially with gold as an accent! My first Kaweco was a pink Ice Sport. Still one of my favorites.

  31. Last year I got a Kaweco Transparent Turquoise Sport. Would love a coral very cool color! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  32. My first Kaweco pen was a Black Sport. Very nice-writing everyday pen for the money. Thanks.

  33. I don’t yet have my first Kaweco! I’m hoping to win this one, but if not I will choose one soon. There are so many options now!!!

  34. Ooh, this is such a lovely giveaway, the colour match is amazing. My first Kaweco sport was a black sport that I actually got at the DC Super Pen Show! It was in a free giveaway bin and I was lucky to snag it 🙂 It is such a cute little pen! I have mine inked up with Monteverde Purple Reign currently.

  35. I got a blue Sport with the sort of checkerboard pattern on the cap. Mike Masuyama ground the medium nib to a cursive italic and it’s one of my favorites.

  36. My first Kaweco fountain pen was the ART-Sport in Citroen. It is the most beautiful yellow with a level of chatoyance that still takes my breath away every time I pick it up.

  37. My first Kaweco was a black one that was called “Diplomat” that came in a curious leather-like pouch just large enough to swallow up the closed pen.
    I wonder if the Diplomat company (of recent Aero fame) was somehow involved, or if the confluence of names was coincidence…

  38. My first Kaweco was a black sport, with a medium nib that really didn’t write well. It was one of my first pens, so I didn’t know how to adjust the nib. Also, in my naivety, I thought the nib was 14k. I gave it away in the end. It would be nice to have one that actually wrote well.

  39. My first Kaweco is a Fine Lime Frosted Sport Fountain Pen with an extra fine nib. I love the color.

  40. My first Kaweco was actually my first fountain Pen. A classic black Al-Sport with a medium nib.

  41. I don’t have a Kaweco yet, but I have tried one of the Sport Brass pens and loved it. Such a dense little pen…

  42. My first Kaweco was (is I still have it) the Frosted Orange Sport. I’ve since acquired a couple more including the Fontoplumo Sunrise/Sunset pair from last year. Kawecos are great value and great writers.

  43. I don’t have one yet, so, if I win, this would be my first one. But, if I had to buy my first one, it would be the Kaweco Liliput Fireblue, because this pen is absolutely stunning.

  44. First of many Kawecos was the Ice Sport in Red. I liked that it looked like a candy apple. It starts me down the path of more and more Kawecos — I must say I love my raw aluminum sport the best. They’re all great writers.

  45. My first Kaweco was the Metallic Purple Sport. It was actually one of my very first fountain pens, and at the time I had no idea that special editions were a thing. I still love it and I’m super glad I grabbed it when I did.

  46. My first was a kaweco sport demonstrator. Part of a small 2nd hand batch I purchased. At first i did not think much of it. But it had a F nib, wrote like a dream and is 1 of the few pens I write capped with.
    A 2nd followed swiftly, with a wet M nib. Still people are amazed at my mini pen…

  47. Hi Ana, my first Kaweco was the Kaweco Sport Skyline Mint EF. Bought it years ago after reading your review here on The Wellappointed Desk; the pictures made me hit the buy button in just seconds 🙂 It lives in my bag since the day I received it, as a pocket pen it’s unbeatable.

  48. I don’t have a Kaweco pen but the first one I am planning to buy is the Liliput. And because copper does kill germs it would be a nice plus.

  49. This website is such fun. I have two Kaweco pens, and love them dearly.
    I use them to write letters mostly.

  50. I don’t have a Kaweco yet because I haven’t seen a color yet that really grabs me. I do like this coral with the silver trim, and I’ll definitely end up with one with silver trim when I do purchase one.

  51. I have not purchased one, but have been looking at a Mint Green Kaweco Skyline with medium nib.

  52. My first Kaweco was a standard navy blue Sport ballpoint with a gold clip. Changed out for a D1 Uni Jetstream 0.7 blue refill (best ballpoint refills ever) and it has been in my everyday rotation ever since.

  53. People rave about Kaweco pens, but I don’t have one yet. I like the frosted colors, but of the solids I like the coral the most.

  54. My first Kaweco Sport was a Red, medium nib, ice. Purchased from Writer’s Bloc, when they were still $12.50. I eyedropper filled it immediately with a Noodler’s ink whose name escapes me.

    I still have it. It’s still eyedropper filled, and it’s the best pen I could ask for. It’s survived at least 3 trips through the washer.

    1. My first was a fairly recent purchase, a Light Blueberry Frosted Sport with a medium nib. I look forward to adding a broad nib to the family.

  55. My first (and so far only) Kaweco is a clear Sport with an EF nib that I picked up at Kinokuniya in Seattle after deciding that the Kumpoo they had was more money than I wanted to spend. Still kind of kicking myself over that decision 🙂

  56. Adding this pen to my collection would be a “walk on the wild side”! This coral Kaweco makes all my pens look like wall flowers at a dance. It’s glamorous and the size would be a first for me. The color is radiant and summery and just what I need after these dreary and emotional few months.

  57. First was a Kaweco AL Sport – and I went big, I got the 14k fine nib. Was my first pen with a gold nib as I was getting into fountain pens!

  58. My first Kaweco was also my first “real” fountain pen (not a cheapo one) … it’s the Steel Sport and I love it. It has a permanent home in my pen case and I’ve stocked up on Kaweco cartridges so I don’t run out of ink. 🙂

  59. My first Kaweco Sport was a Navy Blue EF sport, I got it a while back to get over the free shipping mark xD! When it arrived I was stunned and shocked at how small it really was, the pen is TINY.

  60. My first Kaweco pen was a dark green one, most probably purchased from Fontoplumo , now when I think about it 🙂

  61. My first Kaweco pen was a light blue AL sport F nib. I didn’t know Rickshaw made a pen case for this size pen!

  62. The Kaweco blue cross was my first! Got it from the University of Washington’s fountain pen section (it was huge!) while I was there for a conference.

  63. My first Kaweco was a Sport in black. My favorite is the brass sport. It has developed a great patina.

  64. In an online giveaway many years ago, I won a pink Kaweco Ice Sport gel rollerball. I later purchased the matching nib and converted it to a FP. Love it!

  65. I’m relatively new to fountain pens and have never had a Kaweco. I would love a Skyline Sport in mint. I love the coral color too though! What a lovely pen!

  66. My first Kaweco was the special edition Sunset from Fontoplumo that I won from the Pen Addict. I’ve had it inked with Robert Oster Bondi Blue ever since.

  67. I don’t have one yet but that gorgeous coral one would be at the top of my list.

  68. My first Kaweco was the mint skyline sport with matching clutch pencil. my second, the lagoon blue, which has a mint section. It’s a short tower.

  69. The first two Kawecos I bought were the Ice Sport Blue and Yellow. I got them around the same time, but I forget which one came first. My wife and daughters like writing with them un-posted, but my hands are too big for that.

  70. Classic Sport, black, fine tip. It took quite a while to find it on my “abundantly appointed desk”. This resulted in a resolution to clean this s… up. It’s going to take more than one day.

  71. I do not own a Kaweco yet. The coral would be a good place to start, and I have Diamine coral ink that would look great in it. Thanks!

  72. I don’t have one, but I’ve been looking them over a lot. I’m frequently drawn to the Skyline Sport in mint green.

  73. Hi! My first Kaweco was the Skyline Sport in Mint and it’s just perfect!

  74. My first Kaweco was a pink skyline sport. It’s still one of my favorite pens.

  75. I’ve never had a Kaweco, but I came close to ordering a Liliput in fireblue finish. Then I realized just how small it actually is! I’ve looked at the Dia once or twice, but never quitr seriously. Maybe the Coral will get me started.

  76. My first fountain pen was a Kaweco Lilliput with an EF nib, which was a gift from my wife. Still one of my favorite pens! Thanks for doing all these giveaways

  77. Kaweco Sport Blue Ice that I eyedropper converted and keep full of Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue

  78. My first Kaweco was a black Sport with a Medium nib and matching Kaweco black ink.

  79. My first was a Kaweco Sport. It had an awful nib that put me off the brand for years. Second was another sport and it is a great writer. I carry it in my pocket as I write this.

  80. Our first was my wife’s Rose Gold AL Sport which she purchased at the Chicago Pen Show 2019, our first pen show, and she went along not thinking she would like it at all.
    My first was a Brass Sport, given as a birthday gift back in November. I keep it loaded with colored ink as my primary grading/commentary pen.

  81. This would be my 1st Kaweco pen. I’ve been shopping around for one, & then I find your giveaway! I’m using a Nanami Café Note (a6) with a Galen leather cover for my bujo, & I’d like a smaller fountain pen to keep in the pen holder. Fingers crossed!

  82. I don’t own one yet but would love a Kaweco Sport in a nice bright color.

  83. I don’t have a Kaweco yet. If I were to buy one, perhaps one of the Kaweco Sports in Light Blueberry.

  84. The Bordeaux Kaweco classic sport was my first Kaweco, and probably one of the first 5 fountain pens I bought when I got into this hobby.

  85. A green Sport Skyline was my first…but I have to add that I just got my second in the mail today! A Black Stonewashed AL… not inked up yet, but I live how it looks.

  86. My first Kaweco was a Perkeo Fountain Pen fine nib in the color Bad Taste. I love the funkiness of that series.

  87. My first Kaweco was an Ice Sport Orange in about a year ago. My next was Black Check , and my third was Frosted Sport Coconut . I love the style and size.

  88. For my first Kaweco, I’d Iike one that The Pen Addict might release in the near future.

  89. My first Kaweco was a Sport in black with Medium nib that I received as a gift from my son.

  90. My first Kaweco was a blue Sport I purchased from Lemur Ink at the first St Louis Pen Show! I now also have a Brass Sport, a clear, and a transparent green from Goldspot.

  91. My first Kaweco is still one of my favorite writers. It is a Kaweco Ice Sport in RED, of course.

  92. My first Kaweco was a Classic Sport – Burgundy, in Medium. I love Kaweco pens, and they are my EDCs. 🙂

  93. my first kaweco was a blue sport with a fine nib. then i got a blue sport rollerball to match it. then an aluminium sport with a medium nib. i love them all!

  94. My first Kaweco was an Iced Sport in Red with a medium nib. I now have a handful of Kawecos from fine to a double broad, I too am double broad in size and attitude. I love these pens.

  95. My first Kaweco was a Burgandy in medium. I hated it at first but when i got the right ink in it I fell in love. I have Apache Sunset in it now and ove how it shades.

  96. I received my first, a Kaweco Ice Sport, for Christmas this year. It’s clear and an eye blinding shade of pink with a BB nib. I’m sure it would love to have a coral friend…..

  97. My first Kaweco pen was a Skyline Sport in Mint that I purchased with a JetPens gift certificate I won from here many, many years ago!

  98. I had a transparent red Kaweco Sport, with a broad nib, that I used to mark-up and edit papers in graduate school. Red pen, red ink, red edits.

    It would be nice to get a Kaweco Sport back in my pen case.

  99. My first was the AL Sport Black, which I gifted to my daughter. The current AL Sport Blue, slightly blemished and writing beautifully everyday.

  100. My first was the mini-pen that was a collaboration between Kaweco and Cult Pens in the UK.

  101. I don’t yet own a Kaweco, but I’ve got my eye on the Student Fountain Pen in 70’s Soul. I think it’s gorgeous! If only they offered it with a stub nub, it would be my next pen without a doubt.

  102. I own zero kaweco sport! Been eyeing this one from afar and hoping to make it my first 🙂

  103. My first (and only) Kaweco is the frosted coconut sport (I think?) it’s definitely that color. I can’t remember if it’s actually the coconut or not! I tried to eye dropper it and it worked but then leaked into the cap all the time so now it’s carts all the way!

    Also congratulations on 10 years!

  104. My first Kaweco was a Blue Sport Ice for eye dropper fun with shimmer inks. My first planned one was actually the Kaweco AL Sport Night edition way back when it was only at Most Wanted Pens. One day…

  105. I don’t have a Kaweco yet, but I’m tempted by the gold or the lagoon blue or the coral or the turquoise….

  106. My first Kaweco is a burgundy Sport. It’s also my first pocket pen.

  107. My first Kaweco was my Kaweco Liliput, Brass. I’ve carried it in my pocket every single day for almost 6 years now, and it always writes perfectly. I have a ridiculous amount of affection for that little pen.

  108. My first one was a hunter green Sport. Since then I got hooked on the metal Sports and the Liliputs.

  109. I don’t have a Kaweco pen yet, but I’d love this to be my first! If not, then probably a Perkeo, just to try out how Kaweco nibs are before committing to a more expensive pen.

  110. My first Kaweco was a mint sport rollerball– I was looking for something compact and cute for my purse!

  111. My first (and only!) is a Perkeo that was part of a subscription box. I look forward to the day when I can justify the purchase of a Kaweco Classic Sport…because it’s a classic!

  112. My first Kaweco was the Metallic Purple Skyline Sport. Still love it and it’s a fantastic writer 🙂

  113. I received a Perkeo Black Pink FP from a friend in return for a favor. It was such a sweet gesture and it is one of my cherished pens, despite the price point, because of it.

  114. My would be kaweco will probably be the Supra as I adore how flexible in terms of form factor that pen can be!

  115. My first and only Kaweco is a Sport Skyline fountain pen grey – Nib size : B (Broad) that I got from Fontoplumo actually.

  116. My first, and so far only, Kaweco pen is a Skyline Sport in Fox orange. My travel buddy!

  117. My first (and only, so far) Kaweco pen is the Kaweco Al-Sport, in red. Just got it last fall. Love the vibrant red.

  118. My first Kaweco pen was a white Kaweco Skyline Classic. It’s the perfect size for me, and I still carry it everywhere with me!

  119. I don’t have a Kaweco… yet, but there are two that are definitely on my to buy list. The Perkeo in cotton candy, I love the contrast of the pink and grey or the frosted sport in either fine lime or sweet banana. I love the pastel pops of color and I don’t have a lot of clip less pens.

  120. My first Kaweco was a black Sport with gold trim. It was my first “real” fountain pen and the one that got me hooked. Very smooth writer!

  121. It was the Fireblue that finally got me to buy a Kaweco. The nib just skates along the page. Since then, I have been itching for a larger model, one that will accommodate a proper Converter. The coral colour is enticing, and goodness knows I could use a Rickshaw sleeve! (Rickshaw is making some really fine face masks too. Maybe they’d pair a mask with a pen for a give-away;).

  122. I am not the proud owner of a Kaweco pen yet. But every time I see one, I get exciting and promise myself: I must get one some day. Maybe this is the golden opportunity. Even in our digital age I still enjoy writing with a good pen.

  123. My first was a white pocket one that I found at the local Officeworks. But I admit I have been unfaithfully eyeing this one of for a while now, and the frosty pink and the sky blue….. I may be addicted as my husband suggests. ; )

  124. My first Kaweco, and it spawned my love for them was the Purple LE Sport by Cultpens. My now favourite is the Sport Luxe, difficult to find but worth it, a beautiful writer. I have about 20 Sports now, including a vintage v16 which is as old as me!! I’m listing after a fire lie lilliput now, because of the amazing colour variation of its body..

  125. My first Kaweco was a demonstrator Sport with broad nib. It’s currently inked with Diamine Oxblood!

  126. I’ve never had a Kaweco fountain pen but if I were to get one after tragically losing this giveaway it would probably be the coconut frosted translucent model.

  127. My first Kaweco was a mint Skyliner Sport with a 1.1 stub nib – a gift, and my first new pen after reconnecting with fountain pens after finding my old college ones in a drawer. It’s still a favourite and I now have lots of spare Kaweco nibs including a twin nib so would love this coral one as a new home for one of them!

  128. The Frosted Lime Sport. I was initially wary because I’m a big fan of Japanese EF nibs, but I decided to broaden my horizons! 😀

  129. My first Kaweco was an all-white Kaweco Sport. I still have it, but within a couple months after purchasing it, a crack developed in the section at the nib end, making me a little nervous about using it. I have a few others, though. I think one of them is developing a crack in the same way. I’m not hard on my pens, I swear!

  130. My first one was a simpla black Sport, actually an impulse “I-don’t-neeed-another-come-on-you-are-great”-moment… With an EF nib and I love it ever since. Then there was the rosegold one. And a visit to the factory shop, which included the red AL Sport… And finally a birthday present: AL Sport petrol.♥ I use them everyday at the moment and am really happy about their true fine and extra fine nibs. That said, my Mom got her first one just a few weeks ago and is quite smitten with it.. 😉

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  131. I think my first Kaweco was a black aluminum Liliput. But it has been so long and I have so many Kaweco pens now…

  132. My first Kaweco pen was a Kaweco Sport in brown fountain pen. It is always in my pocket! Thank you Ana.

  133. My first Kaweco was a brown sport that I actually bought for my Mum, who was always admiring my other pens. I inked it up so that it would work for her immediately, and upon testing it out, fell in love. I have 3 of my own now.

  134. My first Kaweco was a Perkeo Bad Taste. Recently I bought my second Kaweco – an AL Sport Rose Gold that I liked so much I almost immediately bought a frosted sport.

  135. I have the mint-colored Skyline Sport, which I really enjoy – I haven’t bought more because if I do, I won’t be able to stop myself from collecting every color!

  136. I haven’t had the pleasure of owning one of these pens but seeing as coral is one of my favorite colors (along with teal) this pen would probably be near the top of my to buy list. I’m also loving anything with flex nibs right now.

  137. My first Kaweco was a mint Skyline Sport M nib. But my favorite is the Liliput Copper, for which I have an EF and a B nib. Love that little guy!

  138. A gray Skyline Sport, but I wish I had held off for one of the metallic ones.

  139. I don’t have a Kaweco yet, but one of those Stonewashed Denim AL Sports has been languishing in my shopping cart on JetPens for a while now.

    I don’t usually care for coral shades, but this pen is really lovely.

  140. My first Kaweco pen was the mint Sport. I have long fingers but small hands overall, and the size of the Sport is just perfect!

  141. My first Kaweco is a Classic Sport with an EF nib that I bought when I made a trip to Pen Place in Kansas City before taking my flight back home. It is my first EF pen, and it was also the first fountain pen that I managed to convince my wife to try. Honestly, if I do win this, I would most likely give it to my wife so that she can have her very own fountain pen.

  142. I don’t have a kaweco yet, but I would not mind trying a kaweco sport with a broad nib.

  143. My first Kaweco was a Perkeo candy, which I have passed on to my son. Then I purchased a Skyline Sport Fox and I love the colour and size 🙂

  144. My first was a grey Skyline Sport that I bought a brick and mortar shop in Philadelphia. It was my second fountain pen ever.

  145. My Kaweco is a Sport in Mint. It’s a great pen to keep in a shirt pocket. I always keep the purplest (most purplest??) ink I can find in it.

  146. The Kaweco Sport Ice Orange was my first, nearly three years ago. I ordered it with a Medium nib and have since switched to a Stub 1.1. Kaweco’s Stub 1.1 is excellent! I wish I could get it in black to better match the AC Sport design I have in Green.

  147. My first one was a Kaweco sport demo which I eyedroppered. I still have it, and still love it.

  148. My first Kawevo was the rose gold metal bodied pen. It was a gift purchased at the Little Rock Pen Show in 2018.

  149. I do not own any Kaweko pens yet, but any fountain with fine nib would be awesome!

  150. My first Kaweco was a grey Skyline Sport with a fantastic medium nib. Like, one of the best nibs I have. It was not my last!

  151. I have not yet gotten a Kaweco, but the brass is the one I would get. Coral looks awesome too!

  152. Hello,
    thanks again for the enjoyable blog and the giveaways.
    My first Kaweco was a second hand Kaweco Sport Chess (black with textured squares on the cap) with an M nib. I did not love it and sold it again; but now I have 8 Kaweco Sports… only none of them is black nor M. The Coral would be a great addition to my collection.
    If still possible, I would go for a BB in gold trim.
    Thanks again.

  153. Thanks once more for the enjoyable blog and the great giveaways.
    My first Kaweco FP was a second hand Sport Black Chess with an M nib. I did not love it and I sold it again. But now I have 8 Kaweco Sports, only none of them is black nor M. The Coral would be a great addition to my collection.
    I would like it in BB and gold trim, if possible.
    I also have a blue Kaweco Student my mother gave to me as a gift when I took her to Paris. We were at rue Soufflet (near the Pantéon) and I stopped at the window of a stationary shop. Then she said “I want to offer you a pen” and I chose the Kaweco Student.

  154. My first Kaweco was an AL Sport in Raw Aluminum. Because it was perfect and would be the only fountain pen I would ever need. Bwahahaha! The little lies we tell ourselves.

  155. Don’t currently own a Kaweco, but have been sorely tempted by the “AL Sport Blue Stonewashed” many times. It looks so well-loved – straight out of the box!
    Heard great things about them generally, and would love to give a coral model a new reef to hang out on.

  156. My only Kaweco is a sport with a clip and I use it a lot especially when I wear a polo shirt. I eyedroppered it and used some silicone grease and it works great. Love the coral. Hope I win.

  157. I just got my first! Goldspot’s exclusive. I’m also on the list to get emailed about Galen’s exclusive that’s coming soon. So you see this is perfect, that Rickshaw sleeve holds 3… 😉

  158. My first Kaweco was an aluminum Liliput! I recently tried and fell in love with the Sport series, so i’d love to try this color!

  159. My first Kaweco was a perkeo in the beautiful blue colour. A great little pen.

  160. My first Kaweco was the Sport in black with a fine nib. It has beautiful gold trim and it’s one of my most comfortable pens. I have since added a Kaweco Student 70’s Soul with fine nib. It’s one of my absolute favorites!

  161. My first Kaweco was a black checkerboard Sport I got as a birthday gift. It has an etched pattern just like the coral one!

  162. A few months ago, I got the dealer exclusive Skyline Sport from Goldspot, and I love it. I’d tried pocket fountain pen before, but the Sport nails it.

  163. My first Kaweco would be Brass Sport… I like how nice it ages over the time. And I would like to have a matching lead holder… Here is my dream.

  164. My first Kaweco was a Sport in mint with an EF nib. Reliable and super convenient!

  165. My first sport was a Brass sport with F nib that I received as a gift. Definitely made turning 40 a birthday to remember!

  166. I don’t have one but I’ve always thought the AL Sport was kind of cool.

  167. My first Kaweco was a demonstrator Sport that was horribly leaky, like fill the cap, leaky. A Ravelry peep encouraged me to pull and clean the feed. It was a different and lovely pen after that.

  168. My first Kaweco was the Brass Sport. It’s still going strong. Later, I added the Dia2, black Skyline Sport, and Steel Sport. I’ve gifted many as well. I love the brand.

  169. My first fountain pen was a classic sport in green. It came with a pack of palm green ink, and I was in love with the whole package.

  170. My first (but not last!) Kaweco was the mint sport with a medium nib. I still use it daily!

  171. My Kaweco Special FP is my daily go to pen, with a violet ink. It’s just right for my smaller hand. I bought it in Brisbane, Australia when I moved there from UK. It took months to find a shop in Queensland that sold decent fountain pens that aren’t so barrel shaped that’s like writing with a crayon. I loved the Kaweco from the start, it’s my first and I hope not the last. I would dearly like to win another, especially coral pink – I might have to dye my hair to match.

  172. I do not have a Kaweco yet and I had been considering this very pen. If I don’t win I will consider buying it.

  173. My first Kaweco was in Cognac. I purchased it from a European dealer, and I believe it was an exclusive color for Europe for for that dealer. It has a double broad nib!

  174. Honestly, I don’t like them that much (I had a purple and a metallic purple and got rid of both). but somebody dear to me really loves and collects Kaweco Sports, and I’ve also given her several rickshaw cases to carry them!!
    If I win, I’ll have the price sent to her, she will love it 🙂

  175. My first and only Kaweco is a Perkeo. But I’m sure I’ll grab a few Sports after I move to Germany later this summer!

  176. I am drawn to the Kaweco Dia2. The vintage style of the pen what makes me stop want to pick one up.

  177. I have been wanting a Kaweco Skyline or a Brass Sport, but I would love this to be my first Kaweco.

  178. I have a green Kaweco Sport. Bought it for the color – I love the deep, dark green! – and use it often because it’s such a dream to write with!

  179. Hi!
    My first Kaweco was gifted to me by my sister in 2012 and it was a white Kaweco Sport, medium nib. I use it very often. It is currently inked with Herbin “Vert pré” ink.

  180. I have purchased a Kaweco yet, but I’m drawn to the Lagoon colored with the broad nib. I had no idea about Rickshaw cases! Now I’m really excited to go check them and maybe take the plunge and order a pen and case 🙂

  181. I’m trying hard to remember… I think it was the Art Sport, last generation, in amethyst – a really lovely acrylic. I’ve got a lot more since then!

  182. A clear Kaweco Sport that I keep filled with Levenger Regal or J Herbin Violette Pensee.

  183. My First was a macchiato skyline. The color is just neutral enough to go with everything.

  184. I don’t have one yet but I’m considering one as my next pen. I’m leaning towards the Skyline Mint or the ALSport Rose Gold. Ive never had a pocket pen and I’m pretty new to the fountain pen community so all the options are so exciting!

  185. I don’t have a Kaweco yet, but I’ve been eyeing the Goldspot-exclusive Turquoise Sport since it came out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. I don’t have a Kaweco yet, but I’d love a Skyline Sport. I’ve been digging the light blue. The Lilliput is also stunning.

  187. I don’t have a Kaweco currently but would love to have this one as my first.

  188. My first (and only) Kaweco was the Frosted Sport in Natural Coconut. I think this was my second or third fountain pen. First time I tried to eye-dropper it, ink would seep between the feed section and the grip. This pen has been on an adventure in changing out feed sections to fix damage done by trying to fix the ink seepage (woops). I do still reach for it almost daily though.
    Not long after that, I picked up the Light Blueberry for my teenage daughter for her first fountain pen.
    I’m still eyeing up a Classic Sport in Green and possibly a Brass or AL sport in the future.

  189. I have never tried a Kaweko pen. I was planning on getting a Kaweko Sport

  190. For the last several years, my birthday gift is a trip to Dromgooles for a pen and some ink and maybe a notebook. The first year I did that, the pen was a stonewashed blue kaweco. I love that pen.

  191. Another exceptional givaway! I cannot just not comment on it 😉

    My first Kaweco was a Skyline Sport grey. Somehow I had lost it probably in moving between apartments. Right now I use (and LOVE!) a raw Al Sport. It’s almost a perfect pen! 🙂

  192. I have no Kaweco pens! I kind of like the look of that cognac-colored one Galen is doing… but this one is a unique color, I have no orange/coral pens at all.

  193. My first was a Classic, Blue, Medium nib. I still have it. It’s now my 2nd most used after the stonewashed

  194. I don’t own a Kaweco yet, but I am very tempted by the Kaweco skyline sport after listening to the Penaddict talk about it.

  195. I love my Frosted Kaweco Sports! I bought two my first time out because I couldn’t choose between the Lime and Blush Pink. So I said “Why not both?” and have been happy ever since.

  196. I’ve long considered purchasing the brass Kaweco Sport, but I’ve never purchased it because I’ve never been interested in it at the right time.

  197. I got a Kaweco Perkeo as my first fountain pen ever!! It was a great birthday gift from a friend

  198. I don’t have a Costco yet, but my wife does. And I think it’s beautiful! Congratulations on 10 years of blogging!

  199. I don’t have a Kaweco yet – I’m more of a Pilot guy – but I think my first would be a Sport, either in Ice or Aluminum. Sports are well known as little pens that can take a beating, particularly the metal ones, and that’s exactly what I’d be looking for if I were to hike the PCT.

  200. I truly hope this is not a repeat comment (I tried to search and don’t think it is). The only Kaweco I have is a Perkeo in Coral & Black, so this would be PERFECT match! I do not as yet have a pocket pen size such as this but have been eyeing them. How did I miss this color! I adore Coral! Thanks for the opportunity!

  201. My first Kaweco was a black Sport model with a bit of printed texture on the cap. I still have it too! I don’t remember what the exact model was called, but they still sell it.

  202. I don’t have one yet but I’ve been looking at the Kaweco Frosted Sport in Light Blueberry.

  203. My first Kaweco was a purple Sport. It quickly became a favorite because of the smooth nib. I recently ordered an EF, my first, in the prettiest blue imaginable, and it goes with me almost everywhere.

  204. My first Kaweco was a clear Sport fountain pen, but I really love the vibrance of this coral color…

  205. My first Kaweco was a Classic Sport received as a souvenir purchased in Rome. I would love to have a stainless steel Liliput.

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