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When I planned the tenth anniversary celebration several weeks ago, we were still deep in the throes of COVID-19  and I wasn’t sure it was appropriate. Now, in the midst of protests and violence and still more pandemic, I’m still not sure it was the right thing to do. I was encouraged to do it though by friends, to bring some lightness and joy, so I went ahead with it despite my trepidation. I just wanted you to know that it wasn’t done in a vacuum.

With that said, I am at a loss for words this week other than to say: Black Lives Matter. This is not, and should not be, a new concept.

Our country has hit a tipping point and the anger and pain is visceral. I don’t have answers but I’m listening. My heart is open.

Black Lives Matter.




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    1. You are missing the point. If all lives matter, then BLACK LIVES MATTER. It is black people who are being targeted and, as with George Floyd, murdered.

      For a better explanation, simply do a Google search.

      (When I typed this reply, there weren’t any other responses. There may be a response ahead of me waiting for moderation. If so, I hope my response isn’t seen as piling on.)

    2. David,

      Yes, all lives matter, but our society too often treats black and brown lives as if they do NOT matter, as if they are disposable, negligible, invisible. To say "Black Lives Matter" is not an attempt to divide us. It's a cry to unite us, a reminder that too many of our citizens are still subject to biases and brutality in a way that white Americans are not, in a way to which none of us should be subject. It is this disparate set of standards that divides us, not the demand for equality.

      I applaud your recognition that all lives have value. But I also believe we need to acknowledge that we need to acknowledge that we aren't living up to that ideal.


  1. Ana,

    I, too, thank you for you message and the resources you have provided. I appreciate your trepidation and your admission of that concern. Cancelling the celebration would have been a legitimate choice, but so is going forward with it. We need recognition of successes and of community beside our awareness of injustice and social upheaval. We need hope as well as anger and sorrow. With luck, everyone who is awarded a writing instrument will use it to write a personal missive, a letter to the editor, a note to an elected official, a blog post, something that addresses the protests and supports the inequalities that permeate American life and warp our ideals.


  2. Are there any minority-owned stationery supply stores/sites? I would like to see either a section of Link Love for that or indicating on Link Love when a supply outlet is minority-owned, please.

    Congrats on 10 years and here’s hoping for 10 more.

    1. We are in the process of inking a deal with a new sponsor, Pen Boutique which is minority-owned. Woman-owner as well. One of my favorite minority-owned stationery shops is Greer Chicago, also woman-owned. Of course, Baum Kuchen in LA is owned by a Japanese couple. If I think of any others, I’ll be sure to make a note of it. You should be able to follow all of these on Instagram.

  3. Ana,

    That’s good to know. I recently discovered Greer while looking for Logical Prime notebooks. I didn’t know Pen Boutique was minority/woman owned. And I’ll check out Baum Kuchen.

    Thank you, Ana!


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