Notebook Cover: Yamomoto Ro-Biki Notebook Cover

Review by Laura Cameron

A couple months ago I was browsing Jet Pens (LIKE YOU DO) and I came across the Yamamoto Ro-Biki Notebook Cover ($38.00). I was charmed by the Ro-Biki notebooks when I reviewed them and the notebook cover looked like the perfect on the go wallet/notebook combo so I ordered one to try out!

The Ro-Biki Notebook Cover is made of 100% cotton and feels like heavy duty canvas. It comes in Gray (which I find to be more a mushroom color) and Navy.

Let’s start with the outside. On the front and back of notebook cover (which folds like a book) there are two pockets which can hold pens, pencils and other items you might need to carry with you. The pocket that extends around to the back is even big enough to slip my iPhone into. The whole notebook cover is held closed by a red 1″ elastic band with a little Ro-Biki tag.

The front flap of the Notebook cover includes a zippered compartment, perfect for notes, business cards, credit cards or cash. Part of what I like so much about this notebook cover is that it really might double as a wallet for me when I travel to pen shows. Pens, money and a notebook within easy reach? Yes please!

Inside, there is also another pocket that you can slip your Ro-Biki notebook into. I was intrigued because the notebook cover also included an elastic “connecting band” so that you could band the covers of two or more notebooks together and double (or triple) up your notebook carrying power!

Unfortunately I’m not leaving the house much these days, so I haven’t had a chance to test this one at a pen show, or rattling around in my bag, but the canvas feels sturdy and like it will hold up to a fair amount of wear and tear. Now we just need to kick some pandemic butt so we can all meet up again, right?

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  1. Does this hold Travelers size notebooks? (I’m not familiar with the Ro Biki notebook.) I think the design of the cover is quite clever for such things as pen shows when you want your everything to be super handy and compact. Thanks for the review!

    1. Travelers notebooks are 11 cm x 21 cm / 4.3 inches x 8.3 inches. Ro-Biki are 3.6 inches x 8.3 inches. I don’t have a Travelers notebook to check to compare, but I think it would work, though it might be a little tight. The notebook cover measures 4.4 inches when folded.

  2. I have one of these, and I love it as a Hobonichi Weeks cover. It is slightly big for the Weeks, but works pretty well if you have a clear plastic cover on the Weeks already. Then I put a spare Yamamoto notebook in the back pocket, pens in the front pockets, notecards, stickers, and a little cash in the zipped compartment. (It won’t quite fit a Travelers notebook though.)

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