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There’s been a lot of moving and paper shaking at Desk HQ this week. Lots of orders get processed through our home studio. I spent some time this week building more Col-o-rings, making sample Col-o-ring Dippers with our Sample Vial Stamp to include in orders and rearranging the space to make room for my new standing desk and more ergonomic chair from IKEA. Big thanks to my pal over at Tag Team Tompkins for providing the getaway vehicle. She drives a larger MINI Cooper Countryman than my MINI Cooper Classic so we had more than enough room in her boot for all the parts to build my new office set-up. The new desk required that I disassemble the ginormous Callax bookcase in order to move it from one wall to another yesterday before setting it up today.

As a result of lifting a metric ton of books yesterday, I am moving very slowly today. I will finish assembling the desk today and getting the studio back in working order with the help of caffeine and ibuprofen.

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  1. You asked what readers have been doing this week. Nothing terribly exciting. Going with parents to their medical appointments where I take notes with a fountain pen and Tul notebook.

    Oh, and ordering too much online. Vanness got an ink (De Atramentis Marie Currie uranium green) back in stock I wanted. Used that excuse to order a Platinum Plaisir in gold. When I realized Plaisir pens could be found cheaper, I ordered one in Nova Orange from amazon, using my rewards $ to pay $1.70. That made me feel better. Although the Plaisir gold can be harder or trickier to find when a version is listed as yellow. It might be the Bali Citrus. And I ordered a nib unit from Franklin-Christoph.

    I will place an order from your store once the new Keep The Post Office Public rubber stamp is back in stock. I have 2 of your already. But it’s more important now more than ever to support the USPS. Thank you for helping us show our support to the USPS.

  2. Well, happily I checked your store, and ordered the two rubber stamps I wanted.

    Hurray, now I can start using the Oversize Col-o-ring I got at the Pelikan Hub last year.

  3. Thanks for the variety of links! I especially like the one on the 1947 film. It’s always interesting to see how the future looked in the past. I’ve been mainly puttering around home and working on my own blog

  4. Love Liz Steel and love your list of links! I’m happy to add you to my blogs that I read now and can’t wait for my Col-o-ring and ink sample rubber stamp to arrive!!

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