Ink Review: Robert Oster True Blue

Review by Laura Cameron

When I last went shopping looking for blue inks, of course I had to look at Robert Oster. Robert Oster has approximately 1 million blue inks (ok maybe I’m exaggerating a LITTLE) and somehow I love all of them. This time I opted to what they call True Blue (50mL for $17) to see what I thought.

As it turns out Robert Oster True Blue is very, very close to the last ink I looked at, Diamine Florida Blue. In person, I think Florida Blue contains the lightest parts of True Blue, and then True Blue also has a darker, more intense blue in heavier applications.

I love Robert Oster inks. They work beautifully in my pens, and they give me all that deep saturated color that I’m looking for. I haven’t had any problems with their inks, and this one is no exception.


And oh all those beautiful blues!

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