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Last week, news that both the San Francisco and Dallas Pen Shows were cancelling this year hit the pen community. The Chicago Pen Show announced that they were not going to hold their show in 2020 and announced their 2021 spring dates. There are only a few US Shows left on the calendar and it’s unlikely, at this point, that they will be going forward this year.

The 2020 St. Louis Pen Show worked with several pen makers to create special pens that matched this year’s show ink (purple). The show was cancelled but they hosted an online virtual event, including a launch video featuring several of the makers involved in the virtual event.

The pens sold quickly but there may still be a few available and a couple bottles of the KWZ show ink available for sale. The plan is to do a lottery to give everyone a chance to get some – available worldwide. More details on their site.

The effects of COVID-19 continue to impact our community. Small makers, distributors, pen shops and the pen community at large have all been impacted by this pandemic along with the hospitality industry, the travel industry, and the service industries. The dangers of this health crisis can’t be ignored but the financial and social impacts have also been devastating.

We will continue to update our Pen Show Schedule with changes for 2020 and any dates available for 2021. Our fingers are crossed that we can all gather in 2021.




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  1. I don’t know but It seems to me that this pandemic “equalise” things for most of us that cannot travel to assist that shows. Maybe we can see more availability of interesting pens in on line events in the short future.

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