Fountain Pen Review: Traveler’s Company Fountain Pen in Factory Green (Fine Nib)

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

The Traveler’s Company, best known for their leather notebook covers, has released fountain pens using their brass bullet pen casing. The current fountain pen available is in the limited edition Factory Green color ($75) or brass ($71). In the past, they have sold ballpoint pens and pencils in the bullet style so this is the first time they’ve released fountain pens in this style.

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

The Factory Green is matte coated over brass so the overall pen is fairly weighty. The clip is a simple bent aluminum clip that is silver tone. On the end is a loop should you want to hang the pen from a chain or ribbon.

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

In white ink on the green body is the company branding. It’s clean and simple like so much of Traveler’s Company’s design.

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

When the pen is opened, there is a long grip section in brass and a silvertone nib with “Traveler’s Company TR C” and the nib size debossed onto the nib.

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

Above, the pen is shown open with an original Traveler’s Notebook for scale.

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

Traveler's Company Fountain Pen

One of the biggest plusses with the TC fountain pen is its pocketability. It snaps open and closed which makes it different from other pocket fountain pens. Most that I’ve used are twist closures so the snap open and close makes it great for a quick note.

One of the biggest downsides is the small space inside the pen means it can only use a cartridge or one of those tiny Kaweco cartridge converters (mini or squeeze). For a travel pen, cartridges are fine for me. If I’m using it at home syringe filling empty cartridges allows me to continue to use my bottled inks.

The nib on the pen is good quality steel. It’s a small nib but is proportionally scaled for the size and shape of the pen.

Traveler's Company Pen Comparison

The TR fountain is narrower than many fountain pens but, since this is a small pocket pen, I think the thinner, smaller dimensions are appropriate. If you prefer a wider pen, I recommend that you stick with the Kaweco Sport in Brass for a comparable weight and feel but a bigger pen.

Pictured above, left to right: Kaweco Sport, Kaweco Lilliput, Traveler’s Company Fountain Pen, Fisher Space Pen, Pokka Pen.

Traveler's Company Pen Comparison

When open, the Traveler’s Company fountain pen is the longest of the pocket pens. The grip section is also the longest with the least amount of hinderance.

Pen Weights

The TC fountain pen weighs 28gms with a cartridge when open (5.7″ / 145mm) or closed (4″ / 103mm). If used without the cap, its only 16gms and a mere 3.34″ (85mm) which is really too small to do much more than put a checkmark on your grocery list.

Costwise, the TC fountain pen is competitive with other brass fountain pens. It is more expensive than a lot of plastic pocket pens. It’s an investment… but it’s pretty, functional and I love the snap mechanism.

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  1. This pen checks so many boxes for me: pocket FP, snap cap, metal (for weight and durability), patina, green. I could not resist.

  2. Thanks for this review, I’m so tempted! Did you actually try it with the Kaweco mini plunger converter? I think elsewhere I read that it wouldn’t quite fit so wanted to be sure. Thanks!

  3. I used an ink syringe to fill a clean, empty ink cartridge with Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine ink. I couldn’t ask for a better match between pen and ink!

  4. I like the color a lot. But I think I’m finally sticking to a rule I made to only buy pens with italic and stub nibs. It will save money because lots of pens do not have that option. I’m allowed to get Lamy pens since I have the italic nibs already.

    But what a lovely shade of green. Thank you for the excellent review.

    1. I need this rule! I love stub nibs, but sometimes my love of pocket pens gets the better of me. I’ve been wondering if I might be able to put a Kaweco Sport stub nib on the Traveler’s Company Brass FP since both take #2 nibs. Will have to experiment the next time I clean the pen.

    2. A Kaweco calligraphy nib fits perfectly! I now have a Traveler’s Company Brass FP with a 1.1mm italic nib!

  5. Janis, thank you for sharing the news a Kaweco nib fits this pen. I found it on sale while searching for it today. That’s why I’m reading this review again.

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