Link Love: Little Nuggets of Joy

Link Love

I won the Link Love lottery this week. All the regular content was present and accounted for–  pen, ink and paper reviews — but my little nuggets of joy were also present. Star Wars related? Check. Cats? Check. Beautiful typography and design? Check, check! Lisa Congdon craft pattern? BONUS! And.. my friend Marcos Roman created free downloadable digital wallpaper this month that you can download through the links below.

Link Love collage
Links to all this goodness is below!

What are your nuggets of joy? Cat or dog videos on Instagram or TikTok? The sound of the coffeemaker first thing in the morning? If I were not such a pessimist, these are the things I’d write down in a gratitude journal. Along with Baby Yoda macarons, stacks of new/old books and buckets of tea and coffee. Hope you can get a nugget or two of joy this week.




Notebooks & Paper:

Art & Creativity:


Safework Signs

Black Lives Matter:

Other Interesting Things:

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  1. Ewok macarons!!! My regular nugget of joy is spotting rabbits in the neighborhood during my daily morning walks. Apparently Seattle has a wild bunny boom right now… we never used to see urban bunnies, but now we do. Gardeners hate them, but I love ’em.

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