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We have really, really good news and really sad news this week.

So we will start with the good news. This week, the new edition of the Field Notes Colors Edition was released and we (I mean my husband, Skylab Letterpress and myself) were actively involved in creating. And we had to keep quiet about it for months. Skylab was asked to be involved in the United States of Letterpress just as the COVID-19 pandemic was shutting down the country. It presented some challenges in the production processes. Normally, a large print project would be a “all hands on deck” event with every pressman and -woman in the shop, along with interns and friends pitching in to help. But social distancing made this very difficult. So  Bob spent everyday in the month of July in the shop with me, and a couple friends taking turns helping in the shop in shifts.

FN United States of Letterpress

There are nine amazing covers created by letterpress printers across the country. Each cover is printed on a different colored paper stock with the Field Notes logo litho printed in grey then letterpress printed in process blue and rubine red by each letterpress shop. Skylab printed every slipsheet in every edition of the United States of Letterpress edition in black and light brown.

For full details about the project, watch the Field Notes 12-minute video. I even got a shout-out in the credits for filming the Skylab footage! (Look at what a goof ball my husband is up there in that photo!)

I Dissent Book
from Elizabeth Baddeley

In the sad news, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away last week. Not only was she an inspiration to women everywhere, she was a lefty and was spotted using a Blackwing. My friend Elizabeth Baddeley illustrated the book I Dissent and even got to meet RBG. Though I never got to meet RBG, she still left an idelible mark on me and on so many others. The hope now is that there is not a rush to try to replace her in the Court but I’m sure every effort will be made to further political agendas. It just saddens me that the urgency to fill the vacancy will overshadow the loss of her legacy.

from Elizabeth Baddeley

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  1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is devastating news. Thank you for the acknowledgement of her passing and all that means. I particularly like the instructions for drawing our own RBG. May I suggest a way to use them? I was watching Rachel Maddow the other night and she was joking around with Lawrence O’Donnell, saying she was going to send him a Flat RBG (like Flat Stanley). I think we all draw Flat RBGs and send them to our senators. I doubt it will effect much change, but maybemaybemaybe we could change a couple minds.

    And congratulations on your new career as documentarian!


  2. I spotted your name in the credits! This is a truly awesome edition. I hope more letterpress editions are forthcoming from FN.

    Oh, I love the RBG book. I am heartbroken and devastated for our country.

  3. The United States of Letterpress movie was really great to watch — I’ve got a love for (but very little knowledge of) old printing methods (my wife’s grandfather used to be an operator on one of the Linotype machines at the New York Times, and I loved to listen to him talk about them), and it was a joy to get to watch the creators at work and hear about what their work means to them. I shared the video with my other typography-minded friends, and they thought it was nifty as well.

    1. Have you seen the Linotype movie? It should be available through Apple iTunes or other services. They filmed some of the last few days at the NYTimes Linotype machines as well as other Linotype machines, history and stories. Great film! Glad you enjoyed the Field Notes film too.

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