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Last week I did a roundup of ink for your ears, so this week let’s focus on your eyes! As before, this list is by no means exhaustive. If I’ve missed someone important please let us know and we’ll update the post to reflect that! Otherwise, grab some pens and a notebook, a tasty beverage and dive right in!

Figboot on Pens: David offers extensively researched reviews on pens including fun trivia and occasional giveaways. He also does interviews with pen makers, retail store owners and fountain pen aficionados…even Neil DeGrasse Tyson!



Gourmet Pens: Azizah explores delectable pens and associated addictions on her YouTube channel. Fountain pens, inks, notebooks, paper, and more! If I’m allowed a personal favorite, it’s Azizah’s video from 3 years ago showing how she plays with new fountain pen inks. Yes the video features Ana’s Col-o-Ring, but I learned so much!

Inkdependence: We mentioned Mike briefly last week for his Friday pen chats, but Mike has tons of great reviews of the products we all love to use. Pens, inks and bags are where it’s at for Mike!


The Pen Habit: Although Matt retired from reviewing approximately 2 years ago, his archives are chock full of great reviews of pens, journals and ink. There’s still lots to watch and catch up on!

Pens and Tea: Join Kerry as she talks about her two favorite loves: fountain pens and tea! New uploads every Friday.




Peter Draws: Peter doesn’t so much review pens as he uses them to doodle some amazing drawings. Whether it’s glass dip nibs, fountain pens, brush pens or fine liners, you’ll be amazed at what he creates!



Sbrebrown: Stephen’s channel is full of pen and ink reviews, writing samples as well as live streams. He also includes simple tuning and troubleshooting tricks!



Waski the Squirrel: Join Jason as he explores is love of fountain pens and North Dakota life! New episodes every Thursday.


Edited to add these suggestions from our readers:

Inky Rocks: Alesa produces videos about fountain pens, stationery and Japan. She posts every Friday night, Tokyo time!

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  1. Inky rocks, Thank You ….Stunning the slow mo vids of ink almost filling a wine glass, and others of ink cascading in water, to the tension of the indestructible fountain pen rolling off the bench top and bouncing on a tiled floor. And finally a philosophy to sign up to…. Thank you Miguel and Laura

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