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Link Love

This week, Link Love is so full visuals that I urge you to click on the links just to see the photos, illustrations and graphics. I promise you it will be worth it. The images below are just a taste of the amazing things you’ll see if you CLICK through. It’s from the Creative Boom’s post about an uplifting campaign in US cities utilizing positive slogans to help motivate people through this tough time.

There’s also a great “VOTE” TIME Magazine cover by Shepherd Fairey, a gorgeous new book filled with fantastic portraits of Black children, a 20-second teaser video for the new Anderson Pens Retro51, a Wes Anderson-inspired book of places to visit (someday) and pictures of lots of delicious ink (including a shot from Pen Addict of one of our custom nib rubber stamps!)

Enjoy the eye candy and if you have a theory about the Pocket Pen theme this week, let me know in the comments.




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