Sponsored Post: Kickstarter ēnsso Aria, Minimalist metal pen for the BIC ballpoint refill.

The ubiquitous BIC ballpoint. We all have one, or have used one. Did you know approximately 60 BIC pens are sold every second. Its success relies on its affordable price point, reliable ink refill, and worldwide availability.

ēnsso was intrigued by the BIC pen and set about designing a premium, yet affordable pen that accepts all classic BIC refills- a pen that could serve a lifetime. The result is ARIA, their latest Kickstarter campaign. Aria has a streamlined design based on ergonomics, which is perfectly balanced for the most comfortable writing experience. The barrel also features integrated threads to securely close and post the cap while writing.

ARIA is machined from solid bars of space-grade (6061-T6511) aluminum and natural brass. The lightweight aluminum version is anodized in matte black for an understated and elegant aesthetic. The brass edition is heavier and offers a more tactile experience. The brass is left uncoated and will develop a patina over time. Such patina is appreciated by collectors but can easily be removed with any brass-cleaning product for a new and shiny appearance.

The ARIA design process took over a year to perfect and it is manufactured in California using state-of-the-art machinery with the best raw materials. ēnsso’s mission is to deliver a writing instrument to be used for many years with the highest quality and elegant design.

ARIA is available on Kickstarter for $29 (50% discount compared to future retail price).


• Closed length: 150 mm / 5.90″
• Open length: 145 mm / 5.67″
• Posted length: 159 mm / 6.25″
• Diameter: 10 mm
• Aluminum pen weight: 23.5 g / 0.85 oz
• Brass pen weight: 69.5 g / 2.45 oz

The Kickstarter campaign has 22 days left and has already met its goal!

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