Fountain Pen Day 2020 + Giveaway

Now that Halloween is over we can get down to celebrating the important holidays, namely Fountain Pen Day!

Fountain Pen Day was started in 2012 by Cary (we call him Mr. Fountain Pen Day) and is a celebration taking place on the first Friday in November each year to embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens. Basically, if you love fountain pens, Fountain Pen Day is the day to show it!

This year, Fountain Pen Day takes place this Friday, November 6th. There are a number of ways you can celebrate fountain pen day.

  1. USE your pens and inks (and papers, and other stationery tools)!
  2. SHARE your love of pens with your friends. Since we can’t safely recommend getting together in person to celebrate, try hanging out virtually, or share your thoughts and photos of your favorite pens on Instagram with the hashtag #fountainpenday2020 (or look at past years with the hashtag #fountainpenday).
  3. SUPPORT your favorite vendors! This year has been hard for them, and with pen shows still in limbo due to coronavirus, they’d love your business. Stock up on holiday gifts for your loved ones, or treat yourself to something special. And the Fountain Pen Day website has a WHOLE PAGE FULL of participating stores who may even have discounts codes or special offers!
  4. USE the code FPD2020 for free shipping on orders over $25 on Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7 in the Well-Appointed Desk shop. We’ve never offered free shipping before so don’t miss it! (Fountain Pen Day swag will be added to every order while supplies last. Offer valid in the Big Cartel shop only.)
  5. ENTER the Giveaway below! We’ll draw a winner on Friday, November 6th to celebrate!


Mr. Fountain Pen Day sent us a variety of goodies to celebrate the day, and we’ve added some items from The Well-Appointed Desk shop to create a fun package for Fountain Pen Day. You’re entering to win:

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us how you’re celebrating Fountain Pen Day. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by midnight CST on Thursday, November 5, 2020. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Friday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge for the purposes of this giveaway. Please see the About page for more details.

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    1. I shall be trying to teach myself Gregg Shorthand using my favorite fountain pen for Fountain Pen Day.

  1. I will spend Fountain Pen Day reorganizing my pen storage. If I still have time, I will play with my inks.

  2. I’ll be celebrating Fountain Pen Day with a Zoom meeting of pen friends, and I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. Not even gonna lie… I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day by buying a new pen. I was going to recklessly spend money to try and fill the empty void of existential fear anyway. Might as well do so with something pretty and fun, amiright?

  4. On Fountain Pen Day I will risk getting ink on my fingers by cleaning some pens and trying out some new inks (I have been avoiding this because I have been making a lot of cross stitch birthday and baby cards), I’ll order from a couple of my favorite vendors, and I will play with the new stamps I just received from Ana!

  5. I will continue on as a Fountain Pen Evangelist spreading the word far and wide and enabling new converts!

  6. FP Day provides an excuse to use pens I have not used for a while, with different inks, on different FP friendly paper.

  7. Hi, I don’t think I have entered before. Not sure what I am going to do personally. I am trying to come up with what to do on my blog, it is only two weeks old, so still trying to get traction and figure out which direction it is going to go.

  8. I’ll be using my fountain pens to work on my NaNoWriMo for this year! I’ve got a lot going on this year, so hoping to get a good head start this first weekend.

  9. This year I’ll be celebrating FP Day by using my new Noodler’s Ahab with flex nib. I treated myself last week when I was picking up stocking stuffers.

  10. I am sending two beloved FPs out for proper cleaning and maintenance. So looking forward to getting them back and writing with them!
    And I bought a new FP and two inks… so glad y’all understand!
    Wishing everyone a very happy FP Day!!

  11. Like all celebrations this year FPD will be low-key. I plan to fill up a couple Safaris with ink samples I haven’t tried yet.

  12. Thanks for this! I think I’ll clean up a pen I haven’t used in awhile – that should be fun!!

  13. I’m super excited for FPD!! This year, I plan on celebrating by buying a pen or two, and some inky fountain pen goodies. Not sure what, but will check out FPD website for inspiration from the sponsors. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  14. I’ll be visiting all the online shops I love to see the great FPD sales! And writing down my wish list with…my current favorite Sailor Angel’s Delight.

  15. I hope to celebrate Fountain Pen Day by shopping! Looking forward to seeing what special officers might be around. Also I would love to win these goodies because STICKERS AND WASHI and I really really want the Col-o-ring oversize. Happy FP Day!

  16. Celebrating Fountain Pen Day by inking up my favorite pens and writing some letters or at least practicing my handwriting.

  17. Our local New Jersey Pen Nerds group will be hosting a zoom session this Friday evening it should be a lot of fun Brian

  18. I’ve recently discovered (in part dues to this blog!) new ways to play with inks. On Fountain Pen Day, I’ll play with ink colors and not worry about making a mess. And I’ll scribble down some stuff abt the experience & work on getting back into journaling.

    And maybe I’ll buy a NEW fountain pen from one of the sites celebrating the day!

    Stay safe & well!

  19. I will prep a couple of my fountain pens early so I can carry around and use one everywhere I go! Probably my Kaweko, for one – it’s such a good size and is easy to carry and I love the way it writes!

  20. I’ll be working on Fountain Pen Day….yay!!! But since it’s Friday, I will be sure and sketch something with one of my many fountain pens!!!

  21. Celebrating my daughter’s 8th birthday! Her birthday falls on all the great days…the year she was born it was election day, and it is also the anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in New York State. She has recently expressed an interest in my fountain pens, so I may have to get her one soon.

  22. I plan to celebrate Fountain Pen day by keeping my tv off and writing in my journal with the fanciest ink I have.

  23. I will be cleaning some pens and using them! Trying out different inks! Getting on eBay and searching for great FP bargains!

  24. At my three week post-op checkup last week, my cardiac surgeon whipped out a Lamy Vista fountain pen. I knew I liked the guy before then but this was the icing on the cake. I will be sharing a replacement nib and a few cartridges of Lamy Dark Lilac with him to celebrate fountain pen day!

  25. Because of the pandemic and local restrictions, I won’t be able to get together with anyone on National Fountain Pen Day. BUT, I’m doing a ZOOM call with three of my fountain pen friends during which we are going to sample and compare inks by filling out ink swatches, doing writing samples, etc., which we can then show on camera — and compare inks from each others’ collections to broaden the scope!

  26. Celebrating by using my pens and stationary to writer thank you letters to my son’s teachers and staff. They started a new mastery high school and opened mid-pandemic, so far successfully.

  27. I will be writing with my fountain pens, like I do every day. Since it is a special day I will write notes of encouragement to different people who are struggling with health issues.

  28. First year aware of Fountain Pen Day! Will be writing with my current favorite pen, the Pilot Prera as well as cleaning out some of my pens and filling with new inks. Was hoping to have the new Momento Zero Grande I ordered by then, but sadly it appears to be stuck in customs or lost at sea.

  29. I am celebrating Fountain Pen Day by spending some of my money with my favorite retailers. I will also be writing and playing with pens and ink. The bigger the splat, the better!

  30. Well, it’s a Friday so I’ll be hanging out in the InkyD livestream with my best pen buds. Might stop by the pen shop downtown and pick something up …

  31. This will be my first time celebrating Fountain Pen Day, so I’m thinking of ordering a Steel Kaweco Supra would be a good way to go. From there, it will be practicing for my dissertation defense the following Friday. Yes, I’m defending my PhD on Friday the 13th. The universe does indeed have a sense of humor.

  32. I’m going to celebrate fountain pen day by entering a bunch of giveaways like this one (haha). Actually, I’m looking forward to using the day browse through selections and add something special to my collection, while trying to use it as an opportunity to convert more friends and family into fountain pen users.

  33. Well, every Octobre 4 we have a day celebrating pets and animals so Fountain Pen Day is the day that our fountain pens – and the bycatch of collecting them – deserves some extra attention. So. Round them up, inspect them and give them the little bit of extra care they might need. It’s going to be a nice and soothing day I tell you!

  34. I purchased a handful of inexpensive fountain pens on eBay and plan on handing them out to co-workers. If I can get one of them hooked then I’ll have someone to swap ink with.

  35. Given the current need to stay away from our elderly population I’ve been writing to my parents more often than I used to so for this year’s Fountain Pen Day I’m going to buy some more Tomoe River Paper and use what I have left from 3 years ago to write letters to my whole family.

  36. To celebrate FPD, I shall be writing letters, posting on my blog, getting ink all over my hands, hassling pen friends, trying to wash ink off my hands, sorting through my pens, hoping not to get ink on my clothes, moving my inks from in front of books to a cabinet, employing interesting vocabulary when I realize that I have, despite my care, gotten ink on my clothes, washing my clothes, doing some drawing, and, undoubtedly, buying a pen.

    Thank you, WAD folks, for giving us another way to celebrate this auspicious holiday! Next year, let’s run a campaign to get the post office to put out a series of stamps with fountain pens on them.


  37. I will go through my ink collection and select some nice orange and brown inks to use in honor of autumn.

  38. For FPD I’m gonna pull out all my ink sample vials and pet them. Then I’ll pet my pens. Of course I’ll write with my LAMY Safari.

  39. I’ve cleaned a few fountain pens in anticipation! I’m going to try using only fountain pens all day.

  40. I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day this year by treating myself to a pen and some inks that I’ve had my eye on for a while. This is to also celebrate submitting my portfolio for (hopeful) promotion!

  41. Joining a Zoom call with my pen group! Penning a letter to my grandmother and swabbing my new inks.

  42. This year I have decided to clean all my pens and give them fresh ink. Then I will be writing letters to several friends who also enjoy fountain pens.

  43. I’m going to try to catch up on my backlogged letter writing. Trying out a new fountain pen will be just the thing to get me motivated! Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  44. im a hairstylist and ill be at work celebrating by wearing a few fountain pens on cords around my neck (mini vintage ones)! Also saying “Happy Fountain Pen Day” to everyone and showing them some pens! Not gonna lie, I already probably talk to my clients about fountain pens a bit too much already :o)
    Thanks so much- you rock.

  45. Bringing my calligraphy pens to work to show off. I’ll show those doctors how to write legibly! LOL

  46. As it’s also my birthday, I plan on having a nice dinner, but I would also like to write a letter to my Grandmother as I know it brightens her day to receive them.

  47. Well since I am working from home I have gotten a lot of use out of my fountain pen collection by using different ones and different inks to make my clients notes each day. It breaks things up to see the different inks. I will make sure to use each of my fountain pens to celebrate on Friday!

  48. It’s my first fountain pen day! I will try to finish cleaning up and restoring my vintage pen and hopefully be able to use it for the first time on fountain pen day.

  49. I’m going to start out by counting my fountain pens (and ink bottles) just so I’ll actually know how many I have. Then, it’s time to shop for more!

    PS I was glad to read your Platinum Desk Pen blog entry. I have two of them and I was going to buy a third one but I’ve been having trouble finding them, too. I use them all of the time for sketching.

    Happy (early) Fountain Pen Day!

  50. I usually get a Hershey’s Triple Chocolate cake, and use icing gel to write Fountain Pen Day on it.

    A purchase of pen, ink or paper is usually part of it. And if I’m very good, I write a letter to a pen pal.

  51. I’m swatching my backlog of samples onto my Col-O-Ring and cleaning a few pens that I’ve written dry. Thanks for doing this!

  52. I love the variety of nibs, pens and possibilities to script with my fountain pens.

  53. I will be placing my monthly order for bottle ink (Diamine Marine) and a fountain pen (still on the fence about which TWSBI to get. I will also write a short quote, take a picture & post it on Facebook. I’m thinking about putting a Fountain Pen Package together & giving it away.

  54. I’d celebrate by cleaning on my fountain pens reinking them and writing in my bullet journal as well as writing more chapter of my soon to be novel

  55. I will be: creating my ink swab testing, using a Col-o-Ring standard and ink bottle stamps; working on my copybook practice to write out my favorite poetry, soliloquy, essays or speeches with unque pen / nib / ink combinations; writing in my journals; and after that busy a day, doing some desk cleanup!

  56. I’ll be writing in my journal (as I do every day) and I’ll ink up all my pens and write a few lines with each (I only have 25 pens, so it’s not a huge task)

  57. I will visit with all my fountain pens and think about whether they are in the right bag or are getting enough attention.

  58. Thank you so much for this! I plan to celebrate with some great coffee and a writing session with my favorite pens.

  59. I don’t have any special plans. However, I may need to refill a few FPs this weekend, so I may do that on Friday in solidarity with the holiday. Thanks for the GAW!

  60. Ooooh — swag. =)

    I use my fountain pens daily, and I’m giving some serious thought to buying another TWSBI on Friday as a personal mini-celebration. Or else a new pen case — Rickshaw and Nock have kinda been calling to me lately.

  61. It’s Nanawrimo! So of course I’ll be using my fountain pens to continue working on my novel. I brainstorm and do some drafting in longhand, then move to the computer and type until I get stuck–then go back to longhand for more brainstorming.

  62. Pen-abling my friends online as we’ll be in one mad shopping frenzy that day! I’ve already got my ink wishlist on hand!

  63. Will use JUST my fountain pens on this most auspcious of days. Thank you for all the hard work you obviously put in to collect the list of supporters and contributors. Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  64. I’m celebrating Fountain Pen Day by putting together a beginner’s kit for my niece who has recently expressed an interest in fountain pens.

  65. For fountain pen day I’ll be writing letters to all my family living outside my state. Which in my case is all of them, haha

  66. I’ll clean one pen in need, probably ink up another that’s been sitting for a bit. I need to get back to journaling as well, and Friday is as good a day to restart the habit (if I don’t today or Thursday…)

  67. As usual I’m cleaning pens I’ve used this week and filling pens I’ll use next. My handwriting is atrocious but using a fountain pen I write slower and you can actually read my writing. And fountain pens look sooo much more beautiful than a ballpoint pen.

  68. I will have my favorite fountains with me at work that day, and I ordered an orange Kaweco with orange ink that won’t be here by then. I will #killwinterwithorange later!

  69. Recent furniture rearranging in the house required moving lots of stored ‘stuff’ that was blocking were things had to go. Thus, some organizing has started to find real places for things. I now have a cleared spot for a six drawer pen case that I haven’t been able to use, My hope is that Fountain Pen Day will be celebrated by filling those six drawers with my favorite pens at last.

  70. Will be celebrating with a purchase of a new pen and day dreaming about the next pen I need to get!

  71. Writing as I usually do daily.
    I look forward to all the positivity that comes from the community via social media on this day. A great break from EVERYTHING going on.

  72. Swatching inks and cleaning pens. I might have to partake in some retail pen therapy as well. Might might be a weak word, the correct answer is going to be definitely. I’m sure it counts if it’s going to be early Christmas gift shopping with a treat for me thrown in.

  73. I’ll spend Fountain Pen Day going through all my sample vials of ink and cataloging them. Maybe I’ll find a nice color to celebrate the end of 2020.

  74. I will be recording old recipes onto more permanent and lasting menu cards ( I have a ton of old recipes).

  75. I’ll be celebrating by writing with my pens and sewing some travel cases for them!

  76. During Covid-19 days at home I repaired some old people’s fountain pens pro-bono.
    What can be more gratifying

  77. I am intending to spend my day doodling, writing alphabets, organizing my collection, filling in my new ink log… and inking my new casein pen for the very first time.

  78. Will fill up a couple of pens, and use them @ work to write lease #s on our tax bills. Write a letter / postcard to someone.
    I got so out of the habit of writing while I was furloughed. I actually use my pens more @ work than at home…

  79. I’m writing letters of gratitude to my loved ones, taking advantage of various sales, and opening the order of pens/ink I got in last week 🙂

  80. Thank you for this great opportunity, it’s a great opportunity, everyone says so. They say there won’t be another opportunity like this for years and years! We have come to win this giveaway, I think we did win this giveaway. I’ll be asking the courts to weigh in. And to stop the entries. How could this just disappear?

  81. I hope to celebrate this special day by rearranging my fountain pens. My grandson has discovered my collection and he loves looking thru them. He has gotten quite good at using some

  82. I hope to celebrate this special day by going thru and cleaning some of my older fountain pens

  83. I plan to do some writing with my pens on FP Day. There are some friends that I want to send cards to and I love any excuse to use my pens!

  84. I will be participating in at least two different pen zooms including our local pen posse, who I haven’t seen since early March! Also plan on shopping and supporting my favorite vendors!

  85. I’ll be using a fountain pen. Like I do pretty much every day. Maybe I’ll switch inks just for fun.

  86. I’ve a lotta pens inked up and I’m gonna use em all – over 40, probably closer to 55 or so. And there’s a decent chance I’ll do a wee bit of Fountain Pen Day shopping. Yay!

  87. I will be using my fountain pens and encouraging (forcing) my kids to use theirs too. Also, listen to fountain pen podcast or watch fountain pen live streams. And maybe do some online shopping.

  88. I’ll be celebrating fountain pen day by writing on Tomoe River paper, which is something I do every day anyway, lol. I recently put Diamine November Rain inside of my Kaweco Sport Frosted Lime in EF and it is a really nice combo 🙂

  89. FPD will most likely be like any other day for me. I’ll use my pens to write in my journal and Hobonichi. I should consider cleaning some of my pens, it’s been way too long.

  90. Giving away Pilot Varsity’s to people in the office in an effort to spread the… joy.

  91. I just got some pens tuned so I plan to write with em! Got a stack of letters to reply to :p

  92. I’ll be spending my first fountain pen day using each of my fountain pens and inks, maybe trying to create something worthy of sharing online too. I’ll also be eagerly looking at all the posts from other fountain pen users around the world, for inspiration on how to enjoy my pens even more.
    ….and maybe even look for a good deal to buy a new pen or ink.

    happy fountain pen day to everyone


  93. I’m celebrating the greatest day in the year with a happy gathering of all my fountain pens and using them all at (I have only 7)

  94. On this Fountain Pen Day, I’m writing a letter and trying out some new Tomoe River paper with my trusty little Kaweco.

  95. re-inking my pens (they’re all about to run out on the same day!), long journal entries, and convincing my coworkers to also shop our local pen store 🙂

  96. I will be celebrating Fountain Pen day 2020 by writing letters to distant friends with my fountain pens and sealing the envelope with my wax seal. Handwritten correspondence is so lacking in today’s world of technology and I am sure it can have a calming effect on anxiety as I know it does for me. Also, I will be updating my Facebook banner to reflect the celebratory day. Long Live Fountain Pen day!

  97. This year I’ll be celebrating Fountain Pen Day by using my pens to continue edits on my novel and writing to my fountain pen loving pen-pals. Have a great day.

  98. I’ll finish my aunt’s birthday card. Calligraphy with my beautiful pens and inks. I also think some of my recently inked pens might need flushed out again. Having trouble with them!

  99. This is my first fountain pen day celebration. I’m a college student who just discovered the joy of fountain pens and am looking forward to catching some good deals to increase my collection. Your blog has been very helpful in making stationary purchase decisions, thank you for the amazing work!

  100. I will be celebrating Fountain Pen Day 2020 by cleaning my 823 and filling it with some Sailor Sasebo Port Twilight Blue.

  101. Well my birthday is the day before. SO I will probably play with whatever new fountain pen I buy today.

  102. I shall be celebrating Fountain Pen Day 2020 mainly by thinking about how it is Fountain Pen Day as I use one of my beloved fountain pens to write someone a letter. I will ponder briefly whether to use an old pen or a rather new one… a bright color or something more muted. I’ll take into consideration the age of the recipient and whether they are used to getting my letters and deciphering them, or not. Will I write to the pen-collecting professor of philosophy in Portugal (that’s not a coy anagram, that’s a real person; I wish he lived in Porto – but he lives in Braga)? His buddies in the hieroglyphs division of the ancient history department could help him… I can really let it fly. Or will I try to convey some message to my little step daughter and surprise her with another letter on her desk on coming home from school? She’s rather caught on to the fact that my letters might be more trouble than they are worth, and looks at me askance, if the writing isn’t absolutely neat. Either way, I’ll get inky on Friday, as I do most days… and celebrate the joy of writing with a beautiful nib.

    Cheers & happy celebrations,


  103. I have one glorious pen loaded up in three retail shopping carts, waiting to determine the best deal on Friday! Also looking forward to attending a virtual pen show and taking notes with my 8 inked in a fall color palette

  104. Re-inking 8 pens that I have lost my mind over deciding which color/type of ink to use Tomorrow I will make the final decision in honor of Fountain Pen Day 2020. I will focus on nothing but fountain pens, after the year we have all had.

  105. Happy fountain pen day!

    This year I’m celebrating by using pens, inks, and setting aside time to do a big batch of pen flush!

    Then, I’ll spend an exciting evening, flushing pens! Whoo!

  106. Cleaning my pens and then I’m going to use a new ink sample in some wild color I wouldn’t usually use and write letters to my family.

  107. I’ve been a recluse during COVID. Don’t go leave the house (other than grocery). Don’t return texts. Don’t call anyone (ok, a couple of people). Don’t post or comment on Facebook. Don’t tweet. Don’t IG post (ok, just one). Bought a 2020-2024 5-year Hobonichi and haven’t been writing in it because… what am I going to write? “stayed inside today. again.”? I’ve been in a funk and sometimes it’s dipped into depression. Lemme just say, the election isn’t helping. For weeks, I’ve told myself to re-engage with my wonderful friends. I don’t listen to myself very well. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow. TOMORROW! Tomorrow I’ll gather up all the scraps of paper, articles, goofy bits and pieces that I’ve been holding on to then send them in letters that I’ll write with my fountain pens (a dozen currently inked). Yay for fountain pen day! Yay for the start of my year!

  108. I usually pass out a Preppy, Shark, or Varsity to my co-workers. They love receiving a new pen and enjoy trying out fountain pens.

  109. I’ll be using my fountain pen (with pink ink) to take class notes. It makes yet another zoom meeting a little more fun!

  110. I’ll be cleaning a box of old nibs and pens my father found from his university days and passed on to me!

  111. I am going to clean up my 1940’s Parkette Zephyr (which has a 14k gold nib) and use it all day at work.

  112. I will be experimenting with my very first fountain pen and ink set! I will invite my daughters over for tea and visit and have fun celebrating Fountain Pen Day <3

  113. Write, draw and art. Use ALLLLLL the inks!!!!! Okay maybe not ALLLLL the inks … Oh and write some nice notes, funny postcards or send small gifts to awesome Fountain Pen retailers who have been on point, engaging the FP community or ones I’ve had exceptional customer service with. I don’t know why I do this but yes I do this…… 3rd year tradition.

  114. Using the pens I got and drooling over the shiny ones on Instagram. Maybe pick up a pen if the price is right!

  115. Starting the same way I do every day with affirmations in Colorverse Schrodinger in the Pilot Vanishing point and then gratitudes in Monteverde Gratitude in a Waterman Hemishere. After that I think I’ll break into one of the new bottles of purple ink with oen of the broad nibs. Should I try Monteverde Purple Reign or Mont Blanc’s The Beatles?????

  116. I will be fixing a couple of vintage fountain pens so they can be back in use. I found these recently at an antique shop. I hate to see these beautiful pens Neglected!

  117. This Fountain Pen Day I plan on trying a new ink sample, and seeing what comes up on r/fountainpens !

  118. I bought some ink recently and had not had a chance to ink any of my pens with it so I’ll be spending FPD cleaning, inking and using the new inks I just got.

  119. The majority of my day will likely be spent texting my wife, from work, about all the new pens I want to buy and her talking me out of it. This will probably happen every hour or so until the end of the day and I finally sit down to use the pens I already own, and that sweet inner joy they bring returns. I will then smile, order a fun new ink, and thank my wife for holding me to my self-imposed budget.

  120. Using my new Organic Studio Santiago’s Sea Blue sheening ink with my new broad nib TWSBI

  121. I’ll be celebrating by trying out some new ink samples on beautiful TRP with a flex nib!

  122. It’s Thursday and I’m really excited for Fountain Pen Day. (But everyday is FPD for me). I will gather my favorite Turquoise pens for a photo shoot for Instagram and Facebook. I will write with some of my pens, do some ink swabs, and hunt for bargains and giveaways. I’ve got ice cream and cake, too! HaPpY FoUnTaiN PeN DaY! ✒️❣️

  123. I celebrate fountain pen day by preparing a calligram with my pen. I will post on Instagram (@science.notes) tomorrow morning.

  124. I’ll be celebrating fountain pen day by attempting to finish the journal I’ve been keeping for my D&D campaign which came to an unfortunate end recently.

  125. I shall spend the day using (of course), cleaning, and gifting my pens. Thanks for doing this, and have a lovely day.

  126. I am hoping to spend some time with a fountain pen and my sketchbook. I haven’t spent any time with pen to paper for over a week and it is really starting to take its toll. <3

  127. Ooh, maybe I’ll try drafting my Flash Fiction Friday piece by hand in honor of the day? I haven’t really written fiction by hand since March, since I normally do that when I’m not at home and… well…

  128. I will be designing a presentation folder, jotting boatloads of notes with my new century 3776 and letting the dogs out every 10 minutes… just to break my concentration

  129. I have several pen pal letters to respond to, and what better day to use my pens and the inks I love.

  130. Happy NIBvember to all and may the month be inked with your thoughts to paper. Write out with your NIBS out and enjoy FPD and all its writing glory!

  131. I have to work all day so I’m celebrating my taking all my pens with me instead of just the daily carry

  132. I am going to continue improving my penmanship by copying the lyrics to 80s and 90s pop songs with my new stub nib. My friends really enjoy seeing my practice.

  133. I’m going to go through my old notebooks and re-write important notes using my new fountain pens.

  134. This year, I’ll be writing some letters to friends from whom I haven’t heard in a while. Maybe it’ll brighten their day a bit.

  135. What a great grab bag of goodies you’re offering. Also, thanks for the much appreciated Link Love posts. They are eagerly awaited each week. I’m going to celebrate FPD today by inking up 3 of my vintage pens, one each from Esterbrook, Sheaffer and Parker. Just trying to decide on the inks right now.

  136. Hello and Happy Fountain Pen day. I am planning on spending Fountain Pen Day with a couple pens, reading, drinking coffee and making notes.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Happy Fountain Pen Day! I will probably write a letter and maybe write one of my ‘currently inked’ lists which is such a relaxing thing for me.

  138. I’m celebrating FP Day by working on my ink journal! I have a Hobonichi with Tomoe River paper to really capture the sheen and shimmer of certain inks. I plan to write out quotes and bible verses for each ink swatch to capture the essence of each color. HAPOY FOUNTAIN PEN DAY! I love stickers and buttons!

  139. I’m celebrating by picking out my Christmas present! The wife said to find what I want and buy it … I’ll just have to wait to open it. AARRGGHH!

  140. My husband is the fountain pen fan, so I’ll be encouraging him to treat himself to something nice today.

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