Link Love: A Very Dotty Day

Dotty Day

I am completely losing track of what day of the week it is. I could blame this on the pandemic but, honestly, I think I’m just suffering from a combination of the winter doldrums and overwork. My day is filled with lots of little jobs and I jump from one project to another. I am sure its like this for everyone working from home. I go from housework like loading the dishwasher to answering email to packing orders to working on a freelance project to making Col-o-ring back to housework and the cycle continues… all day long. Somehow, in all these little jobs, I forgot it was Wednesday.

Luckily, all the blogs I cull for links didn’t forget what day it was and there is lots of fun content this week. The New Parker 51 is available and there are two posts about it. Mountain of Ink has passed 1400 ink reviews.

Lucy decided to help me with making Col-o-ring today and would not be dissuaded until cuddles were given, scritches delivered and attentions paid. This means even my cat is a little dotty today.




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