Eye Candy: Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport Fountain Pen – Limited Edition

I’m not quite sure why I got bitten by the Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport Limited Edition bug ($158 at Pen & Tool). It was most likely FOMO, but this one was so well done!

This version is a frosted cherry blossom color (“Sakura Pink”), with gold hardware. The nib has an imprint of Hello Kitty’s face and the barrel has both logos and Hello Kitty’s bow. Add a gold clip and this is a sweet little pen.

The pen arrived with a blue cartridge, but I’ve ordered a converter so I can fill it with what I feel like is the perfect complementary pink: KWZ Raspberry.

The limited edition is still available so if this one appeals to you, don’t miss out!

Disclaimer: This pen was purchased with my own funds and all reviews and opinions are my own.

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  1. Laura, help! Mine just arrived and the cartridge seems to be stuck in the barrel, which means I also can’t use the itsy bitsy teeny tiny converter. Did that happen to you? Do you (or anybody) have any ideas about how to get it out without puncturing it?

    It is truly stinking cute.

    1. There are a couple of options to get a stuck cartridge out: 1. remove the nib unit and tap the open end of the barrel on a table (maybe with a towel so you don’t chip or crack the plastic). If that doesn’t work 2. needle nose pliers or tweezers can be used to reach into the barrel and grab a hold of the cartridge. If done gently, this shouldn’t damage the cartridge. and finally, 3. screw a screw into the end of the cartridge, just far enough to grip onto the cartridge and then you can pull it out. This last method will damage the cartridge but it’s a last-ditch effort. The first two options usually work.

      1. Thanks, Ana! I have tried option 1 with no success (it’s a metal pen, so not quite as fragile as plastic.) I think I’ll try my Tweezerman tweezers. The screw technique is genius, brilliant! I also may try running the barrel under hot water to see whether the aluminum may expand more than the plastic cartridge.

      2. Update: the Tweezerman was too big, but the hot water followed by pounding the open barrel into my palm did the trick! I had less success in persuading the cartridge to stay securely plugged into the nib, resulting in a repeat of the hot water technique augmented by using the Tweezerman again because this time, the catridge lodged itself at the top of the barrel rather than the bottom. Most of the ink was lost so I am making friends with the itsy bitsy converter now.

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